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David Bagley

David Bagley Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Felicia Fields

Felicia Fields Senior Staff Specialist

Kathy Hall

Kathy Hall Student Government Office Manager

Christopher Henry Hinesley, Ed.D.

Christopher Henry Hinesley, Ed.D. Coordinator, Q Center

Elaine Kanara

Elaine Kanara Manager for Financial Operations

Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis Assistant Manager of Tech Crew Services

Shawna Lusk

Shawna Lusk Senior Associate Director

Richard Morse

Richard Morse Manager of Tech Crew Services

Stephanie Paredes

Stephanie Paredes Manager of Multicultural Programs

Sarah Pavia

Sarah Pavia Associate Director, New Student Orientation

Eric Pope

Eric Pope Associate Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Hannah Ramsey

Hannah Ramsey Assistant Director for New Student Orientation

Carol Reed

Carol Reed Senior Associate Director for Building & Operational Services

Dawn Rizzo

Dawn Rizzo Senior Financial Assistant

Carol Rouhana

Carol Rouhana Senior Financial Assistant

Bill St. Jean

Bill St. Jean Associate Director for Campus Programs

Elaine Tandy

Elaine Tandy Senior Staff Specialist

Alyshia Zurlick

Alyshia Zurlick Assistant Director for Student Event Services