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The Power of Groups
A growing treatment recommendation for many students is one of the Counseling Center's extremely popular workshops or counseling groups. RIT offers students one of the largest group counseling programs in New York State. Research and student testimonials demonstrate that groups are an extremely effective way for individuals to grow and change together.

Students Give Thumbs Up to Group Counseling Program:

  • Group counselors created a safe & supportive environment: 97% agree
  • My group helped me to feel better about myself and to take more effective action: 86% agree
  • I would recommend my group/workshop to other students: 89% agree
  • I would attend group therapy again if needed: 93% agree

What Students Are Saying About Groups:
"Having a safe place to talk with 100% chance of support"

"I enjoyed the amount of learning that occurred during group"

"It was reassuring to know that you could bring up personal problems while in a group environment"

"Knowing I'm not completely alone"

"Seeing that I can be accepted by others helps me to accept myself"

"I liked the feeling of community and having support"

"Support from others who were experiencing similar issues"

"People who say I feel ya"

"Being able to talk things through/receive and give advice"

"Being able to be emotionally open and genuine with other people"