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Fitness Center

Special Event Request - External Form

RIT - Center for Recreation and Intramurals
Phone: 585/475-6082 Fax: 585-475-5378

Please note - if this event is a non-athletic "community" event, and/or may require other campus support services, or use of other campus facilities, do not complete this form - contact the RIT Office of Govt. & Community Relations at 585-475-5012.

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Specific Day(s)/Date(s) of Activity

If you are trying to establish a date, please indicate time frame desired (weekdays, weekends, week, month, time of day, etc.).

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Detailed Description of Event:

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Type of Activity:

Meeting Lecture Conference Game
Exhibit Concert Sports Practice
Tournament, Type of:
Other, (specify type of event)

Type of Space needed:

Student Life Center (where appropriate, indicate number needed):

SLC court(s): Mini Gym: Dance Studio(s) Classroom(s)
Locker Rooms Other:

Clark Gymnasium:

Clark Gym (has bleachers) Aux. Gym Clark Gym Stage Other


Turf Field Grass Field(s): Other

Will you need the field lined?

Facilities Management Services requires at least one week notice for this type of project.

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Critical Information

Is this event open to the public?

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Numbers expected:

Participants: Spectators:

Are you charging a fee?

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Age range of participants:

Food Service

Will food be served/sold?

Yes No By Whom?
NOTE: Food must be pre-packaged or delivered by a licensed vendor.

Special Equipment Requests

PA System Shot Clock Bleachers Lined Field Track/Field Equipment
Tables (#) Chairs (#)
Other Sports Equipment
Audio/Video Equipment (Indicate type)

Support Staff

NOTE: Indicate number of staff needed where appropriate.
Ticket Taker(s) Scoreboard Operator Shot Clock Operator
Announcer    Security Custodial Other    

Parking Needs

Number of Cars Expected Buses
Handicapped Spaces Equipment Parking

Where has this event been held in the past?


(Please provide a personal reference or contact person where event has been held in the past.)



NOTE: At the time of agreement, a certificate of insurance must be furnished by applicant indicating general liability coverage with minimum limits of $1,000,000 naming RIT as an additional insured. Certificate must be received by the Center, no less than ten (10) days prior to rental date.