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Intramurals: Policies & Expectations

Click to download the RIT Intramurals Minor Release Agreement

General Policies

  1. All current RIT students, faculty, and staff may participate, and must show a valid RIT ID upon signing in at a game. Participants under the age of 18 must print a copy of the above Release Agreement, have it signed by a parent or guardian, and return the signed Release Agreement to the Intramural Office, Student Life Center Room 1217. If a signed Release Agreement is not on file in the Intramural Office, the player may not participate in any intramural sports. RIT alumni who have purchased a current membership to the Student Life Center may also participate, and must show a valid RIT Alumni ID upon signing in at a game.
  2. Registration is done online. If all available spots have been filled, any further entries will be placed on a waiting list, in the order that they are received. The captain of a team on the waiting list will be contacted only if there is a space available. This may occur at any time during the semester.
  3. If a team chooses to enter more than one sport and/or day, it is the team captain's responsibility to resolve all conflicts before submitting their entries.
  4. All intramural team names will be reviewed by the Intramural Office and may be changed at the sole discretion of the Intramural Office.
  5. At no time will an intramural team enter into a sponsorship agreement with another entity, either on- or off-campus, as individuals or as a team without the written consent of the Intramural Office.
  6. If a team is entered into a league, it is expected that they will field enough players to participate each week. A team may not have more than 2 club players on the field at any time during a game. Violation will result in the offending team forfeiting that game. If a team does not have the necessary number of players at the start of a scheduled contest, they will forfeit, unless the opposing captain agrees to let the team play. There is no grace period. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time.
  7. It is considered a forfeit if the team does not have the minimum number of players, does not show up at all, or does not inform the IM Office at least one business day in advance that they will not be at their game (ex. a Sunday team must notify the IM Office no later than 4pm Thursday). Teams that forfeit twice will be dropped from the league.
  8. Players may register for a maximum of two teams per sport: one Division 1 and one Co-Ed, or one Rec and one Co-Ed. Players may not register for Division 1 and Rec in the same sport. If a player is not on their team's roster, he or she cannot play.
  9. Any individual found to be in violation will be suspended and the second team will forfeit any games in which he or she played.
  10. Players may not be added to a team's roster (either through IMLeagues or write-in) for a playoff game.
  11. A team composed only of men may not join a Co-Ed league.
  12. Any individual who is suspended or removed from play may not join another team in the same sport. Players on a Division 1 and a Co-Ed team in the same sport may not play for either team if they are suspended.
  13. At no time while they are eligible to compete, and on the varsity roster (regardless of whether it is during the traditional or non-traditional season), can a member of a varsity team participate in an intramural league of the same sport.


There will be a zero tolerance policy in effect for all matters regarding conduct while participating in intramurals.

  1. All intramural teams and team members represent RIT and the intramural program. Any team may be removed from participation at the sole discretion of the Intramural Office.
  2. Any individual or team who instigates or participates in a fight, regardless of cause, will be immediately removed from the premises and suspended. If necessary, the incident will be reported to Public Safety.
  3. Any individual or team who argues with the call of our student officials will receive a yellow card.
    • Any individual or team that verbally or physically threatens an official or any Institute staff member in any way, student or otherwise, will receive a red card, be removed from the premises, and suspended. The incident will be reported to Public Safety, and if necessary, outside authorities.
    • Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their players as well as their fans.
  4. The possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all athletic facilities. Any individual found to be in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol at any time during an intramural contest will be removed from the premises and suspended. The incident will be reported to Public Safety.
  5. If a player accumulates four yellow cards or two red cards, they will be suspended or removed from their team. Players can be suspended or removed by accumulating penalties or cards. Teams may be suspended or removed by accumulating forfeits. Members of a removed team are only allowed to join another team within the same sport by permission of the Assistant Director, IM after an in-person meeting.