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  • Student's Account must be free of financial, health, and disciplinary holds
  • No Incomplete, "I" grades on student's RIT transcript
  • Cumulative & Term GPA's < 2.0 up to 2.5
  • Students facing Suspension or Probation
  • Only NTID students already accepted into a Baccalaureate program are eligible
  • Referral and Application
  • Acceptance is based on referral, application, & on a case-by-case basis

Application Process:

Course Schedule:

Two Required CRP courses:

  • CRP Academic Strategies (0 Credit)
  • CRP Motivation & Wellness (0 Credit)
  • AND
  • Three Credit Courses: (in general, no more than 10 credit hours)

Required Mentoring Component:

  • Students meet weekly with a CRP mentor to discuss academic progress and concerns.
  • Mentor Curriculum includes a focus on Time Management.

Referrals are made to support students for:

  • Career/Major Topics.
  • Math, Writing, & Reading Assistance.
  • Personal Wellness.

Full-time Status: A Certificate of Enrollment

Will automatically be sent to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, verifying the student's full-time status during the CRP semester. Copies can be made by request for Health Insurance purposes, and the Student Employment Office to the CRP Assistant, Laura Crosetti ( ).

Mid-Term Grade Reports:

Will be provided to students and discussed in mentor meetings.


  • Successful completion of CRP = minimum GPA of 2.0 & minimum final grades of "C" in required CRP courses.
  • Students apply for reinstatement to an Academic Program of choice.
    • A Change of Program (COP) form, signed by an academic department, is required or student will be suspended.
  • CRP Mentors complete a Final Grade Report including recommendations for the following term.

Limit 75 students per term (Fall & Spring Semesters)

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