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CRP Core Curriculum

Academic Strategies

Self Assessment and Career Exploration

Academic Strategies is designed to assist students in reaching the following objectives:

  • To develop proficiency in the use of effective listening, note taking, and study skills.
  • To develop the ability to accommodate differing teaching styles and course demands.
  • To apply active processing and review strategies to credit course work.
  • To provide students with individual attention in developing study strategies that will maximize the possibility of success in credit courses.

Motivation and Wellness

Motivation and Wellness is designed to assist students in the success of: motivation, time management, and self-care. Students will develop a proficiency in the understanding of:

  • Motivation
  • Goals and Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Living

Students will develop the ability to analyze their motivation and create a plan for motivation management. Students will be able to assess their current wellness and create a plan for behavior change.