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Admission The CRP admission process begins with an online referral from the student's academic department, and a student's online application. Once referrals and applications are received confirmation e-mails are sent to the academic department and student, notifying them of their eligibility, and important program information.



Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to participate in CRP:

  • Term and cumulative GPA less than 2.0. Consideration will be given to applicants with term/cumulative GPA's between 2.0 and 2.5
  • Receipt of both a referral from the academic department and an application from the student
  • The student must not have any holds such financial, disciplinary, health, etc., on his/her RIT account
  • The student must not have any incomplete, "I" grades on his/her academic transcript
  • Eligible students are accepted on a case-by-case basis
  • Limit of 75 students per term (fall, spring)
  • Student Enrollment Status while in CRP: Temporary "part-time" matriculated with a full-time equivalent course-load (CRP classes and generally three credit classes)
  • Full-time tuition allows students access to RIT facilities such as the Student Health Center, Campus Housing, the Student Life Center, etc.
  • Students are given a Certificate of Enrollment, which verifies the total number of course credits and CRP credit hour equivalents. The Certificate of Enrollment overrides part-time status, and CRP staff delivers a copy of the Enrollment Certification to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Financial Aid Counselor in order to have the student's aid released. A copy may also need to be submitted to the Student Employment Office (If the student wishes to work part-time on campus), the Student Life Center (to access the gym & other facilities), and to their family's Health Insurance company if they receive their health insurance through their family's policy. Copies of the Certificate can be requested through the main CRP office, at 585-475-5536.

CRP Waiting List

  • A waiting list is started once the program has reached the limit of 75 students for the term.
  • Wait-listed students will be contacted if a spot becomes available prior to the start of the RIT term.
  • If an eligible student remains on a waiting list, they will be given first priority to attend CRP in the subsequent term and will be instructed when and who to contact the if they wish to secure a spot.

Pre & Post Testing

All students are required to complete the Pre and Post-tests of the Learning and Study Skills Inventory, (LASSI) Students take the pre-test online before beginning CRP classes. The post-test is administered in Academic Strategies class during the last week of CRP.
Click Here For Further Information About LASSI


The mentor is an academic advocate who provides valuable guidance and personal encouragement. It's important for students to communicate effectively with their mentor, in order for them to benefit from what CRP has to offer and to experience the most, in terms of personal development and academic growth.


  • Each CRP student is assigned a mentor
  • Mentors and students meet weekly to discuss progress and concerns. The mentor serves primarily as an academic advisor; however, personal issues which impact academic performance are often raised.
  • The mentor receives information from both the CRP and credit course instructors about the students throughout the term. He/she is responsible for writing their mentee's Mid-Term Grade Report and Final Summary Report.
  • Mentors may make suggestions and recommendations about additional support services, such as the Counseling Center, Math Lab, Writing Lab, Engineering or Bates Learning Center, tutoring, etc., which he/she believes would be helpful during CRP and subsequent terms.

Post CRP Support

Students may wish to enroll in the Study Strategies Lab, offered by the Academic Support Center to help keep them on track when they return to RIT in fall or spring semester.

ASCS 63 Study Strategies Lab: This hands-on course is designed for students interested in maintaining their study strategies and organizational skills with regular support and feedback from an instructor. (CRPG-061 CRP Academic Strategies is the pre-requisiste for this course)