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Before completing this referral, please consider the following:

  • Many students referred to CRP are "at risk." Please consider whether or not CRP is the appropriate place for the student and if he/she has the capability to be academically successful at this time.
  • Also consider, alternatives that may better serve the student, if they've experienced difficulty coping with serious health, personal or other issues that may be beyond the scope of what this program is able to offer.
CRP students should be enrolled for the courses recommended on the referral in SIS. Please instruct the student to go to the CRP web site to complete an online application

Once we receive both the department's referral and the student's application, we will check the student's eligibility, including no "I" grades, and no financial,health and disciplinary holds. If a spot is available, the student will be placed on the "Accepted" list, and will be notified of their acceptance. We will accept up to 75 eligible students per term on a case-by-case basis. For questions, please contact:

Dawn Herman


Administrative Assistant
Jackie Perez

Student's Information:

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Background Information:

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*Please provide any insight you may have about the factors that contributed to this student's academic difficulty, i.e., reading/writing/math skill level, personal issues, developmental problems,health issues, career issues, financial problems, etc.


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Reinstatement Conditions

Student must achieve a minimum of the following conditions in order to be considered for reinstatement/internal transfer. (check all that apply)

Min. GPA for CRP classes Min. GPA for credit classes Lowest acceptable Grade


Please enroll the student you are referring to CRP in to 3 RIT credit courses that would act as good indicators of success for reinstatement. Please list these courses below:

Primary Recommended Courses Course 1*.   (Ex: (Class #) CSCI 141-01) Course 2*.  

Please list additional recommended courses below, especially if the student may not return to the referring department. Courses that the student previously received a D, F, or W in would be good repeat courses.

Secondary Recommended Courses Course 3.   Course 4.  

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