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CRP Testimonial Video

View the College Restoration Program testimonial video to learn first hand what students think about the program.

Regarding CRP Mentoring

"There has not been a more incredibly valuable person to me in the CRP program besides my mentor. She was astoundingly patient, helpful, and considerate with every question and situation I discussed with her. Throughout the CRP Program, she approached me in a kind but firm manner which allowed me to comfortably discuss my progress with her. Even though I have not known her long, she has helped me personally more than any other person I have met in the three years I've been at RIT... "


"I think the mentor system was amazing!"

Regarding CRP Academic Strategies:

"Out of every class in CRP, I learned the most from this course and out of every teacher, _________ was the best. She was kind, considerate, and helpful with everything that was related to the course and everything unrelated. I felt this course helped me most in realizing my true academic potential to achieve success in my college career."

"This is a great class. This class should be mandatory for all incoming students."