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The Test Center
The Test Center

Students who have been offered the accommodation of “Use of alternate testing location” may choose to take quizzes, tests, and/or exams at the Disability Services Office Test Center. Please note: due to space limitations the DSO test center is not available for non-DSO students.

The DSO Test center is located within the Disability Services Office in the Student Alumni Union (SAU). We are in room 1150 on the first floor, across from the dining area of the Brick City Cafeteria.

DSO Test Center Hours:
  • Weeks 1 - 2: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Remaining Weeks*: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Summer Term: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
*Open extended hours during Exam Week.

To make use of the testing accommodation "Use of alternate location" please follow these guidelines:

  1. At the beginning of the semester: Once the DSA's have been emailed, meet with each professor to clarify plans for using your testing accommodations in each class.
  2. Before each test:
    1. Let your professor know that you plan to use the Test Center – agree on a date and time that’s within test center hours.
    2. Request a seat in the Test Center - use the request form (under the “For Students” tab below), a paper request form (located outside our office), or make your request in person.
    3. Give your professor a test envelope (available outside our office) with the left side filled in so your test can be delivered to the test center.
    4. Arrive on time to take your test.
    5. If a change in time or date is needed check with your professor for approval and then complete the change test request form.

Please note: It may not be reasonable to expect arrangements to be made the day of the test.

For Students

Use this form to reserve a seat at the Test Center after you've met with your professor and agreed upon a date and time for your test.

Having problems with the forms?
Contact Alyson Jones at 585-475-2023;

For Faculty/Staff

Disability Services Office staff:
Staff and Financial Assistant: Alyson Jones: 585-475-2023
Coordinator of Academic Accommodations: Shelley Zoeke: 585-475-5538
Disability Services Director: Susan Ackerman: 585-475-6988

College Drop Points for Test Envelopes:

  • SCB: (LOW A300)
  • CIAS: (GAN 1075)
  • KGCOE: (GLE 3203)
  • GCCIS: (GOL 1013)
  • CLA: (LBR 2210)
  • NTID: (LBJ 2620)
  • COS: (GOS 1102)
  • CAST: Faculty/Staff generally deliver and pick up exams at DSO
  • GIS: (SUS 3170)
  • CHST: (CBT 3163)

Use of the Test Center:

Some students with disabilities take their tests and exams in the Disability Services Office (DSO) test center in order to make use of their recommended accommodations. Students are also able to make arrangements with their faculty to take tests with accommodations in their classrooms when able and/or desired.

If a student uses the test center, arrangements must be made for delivery of the test to DSO and faculty receipt of the completed test.

Delivery of the test to DSO

  1. Use of the test envelope
    • The student will give you a test envelope: provide information on the right side of the envelope, including contact information and return instructions.
    • Submit the envelope containing the test to the test center by dropping it off at the DSO test center in Student Alumni Union room 1150 or using the assigned drop-box for your college (listed on the envelope and above on this page). The test center requests receipt of test at least 1 day in advance of testing.
  2. Use of electronic delivery
    • Faculty can email tests to our office email address, Be sure to include the necessary test administration information.

Receipt of completed test

Upon completion of the test, DSO will follow the “delivery option” you selected on the test envelope, to include:

  • Delivering it to the College Drop Point
  • Scanning and emailing it to you.
  • Keeping the test until you pick it up
  • Having the student return it to you