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FACEtime: Rock Climbing A

FACEtime facilitates face-to-face encounters that develop Friendships, a sense of Adventure, Connections with resources and meaningful Engagement.  FACEtime programs are run by RIT’s Outdoor Education department.

This program will give participants the unique opportunity to learn about and engage in both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Spend a day each bouldering (climbing shorter distances using pads rather than ropes and harnesses to protect falls) in RIT’s own Red Barn Climbing Gym, and a day-long trip to an outdoor rock climbing cliff. Students can expect to learn all about climbing movement, gear and equipment, and safety practices for both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. No previous climbing experience is required.

All climbing equipment and transportation are provided. Student must have a valid passport and be able to travel to and from Canada. Students will spend evenings on campus and sleep each night in the dorms.

*Please note: commuter students will be discounted the cost of early move in fees.

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