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FACEtime: Outdoor/Indoor Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Hiking

FACEtime facilitates face-to-face encounters that develop Friendships, a sense of Adventure, Connections with resources and meaningful Engagement.  FACEtime programs are run by RIT’s Outdoor Education department.

This program consists of one full-day activity and three half-day activities. Activities will take place during the day and students will spend each evening and overnight on campus. All activities are suitable for beginners and no previous experience is necessary.

Learn to rock climb with a one-day field trip to scale the rock cliffs of Moss Island and a half day bouldering at RIT’s own Red Barn Climbing gym. Another half day will be spent learning orienteering by way of exploring the RIT campus using a map, compass, some ingenuity, and a little bit of hustle. A final half-day program will involve team challenges that test creativity, problem solving, and teamwork.

Residential Student Fee:  $390

Commuter Student Fee:  $290

**This program is FULL**

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