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FACEtime: Bike Maintenance Boot Camp

FACEtime facilitates face-to-face encounters that develop Friendships, a sense of Adventure, Connections with resources and meaningful Engagement.  FACEtime programs are run by RIT’s Outdoor Education department.

This program will take place on campus, and will consist of morning and afternoon sessions that take place in RIT’s own bicycle repair shop. Learn the basics of building, caring for, maintaining and riding bicycles. Students are supplied with a basic bicycle repair kit and book which is theirs to keep. Led by a master mechanic, you will use the repair kit and book to learn about the various mechanical systems of a bicycle, while bonding with your new RIT classmates. Students should have a name brand bicycle from 1995 or newer with external gears.

*Please note: commuter students will be discounted the cost of early move in fees

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