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English Language Center

The English Language Center provides students opportunities to apply the English learned in classes in a variety of real-life situations and to experience American culture in a friendly environment.

Conversation Partner program providing one-on-one or small group experiences for students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
Weekly activities and regularly co-hosted events with other RIT students and Rochester community groups.
Trips to Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, state parks, museums, and sports events.
Summer picnics and barbecues in beautiful local parks and winter sports such as skiing and ice skating.
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Bowling parties, soccer matches , ice-skating and tickets to RIT sporting events.
Wellness and sports classes at RIT with a fitness center, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor tracks, and Olympic-sized pool open to all students.
More than 250 student clubs to choose from, focusing on sports, music, and hobbies and interests groups.
Vibrant university student life with such activities as touring bands, famous lecturers, free films, and sports events.