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English Language Center
RIT will admit and hire men and women; veterans; persons with disabilities; and individuals of any race, creed, religion,color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or marital status in compliance with all appropriate legislation.
Family Name
Given Name
Home Address
Are you currently in the U.S.? Yes No
What kind of visa do you have? F-1 B J
Date of Birth
Country of Birth
City of Birth
TOEFL (optional) ScoreDate Taken
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Email Address
Student's Signature
Sign here before submitting the form
Indicate your knowledge of English
Speaking Good Fair Poor
Reading Good Fair Poor
Writing Good Fair Poor
I am interested in applying for Fall (15 weeks) Winter (15 weeks) Summer (9 weeks)
Educational goal: English Undergraduate Study Graduate Study
I will need a dormitory room Yes No
If yes: I smoke I don't smoke
Primary contact (friend/family) in the U.S.
Address Line 2
My family is coming with me; I would like an RIT apartment
* Required $100 non-refundable application fee by check or money order in U.S. funds (required)
Optional $42 for express mail
Optional $100 for airport pickup. Please pick me up at the airport. I have enclosed $100 for this service. I will tell you when my flight will arrive in Rochester.
Optional $200 to pre-pay the U.S. government-required SEVIS fee and send the receipt to you.
You may send one check for all expenses.
We cannot process your application for the I-20 form until we receive the original signed application and sponsor forms, all supporting documents and a check for the required fees.
Send originals, supporting documents and required fees by mail to the English Language Center.