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English Language Center

The English Language Center has up to seven levels of study. At all levels, students focus on English for Academic Purposes to prepare for university study.

  • BASIC: This level is for those students with very little English skills or exposure to the language. The focus of the courses is to increase vocabulary and understanding of basic grammar and to practice the spelling and pronunciation of English.
  • BEGINNER: This level is for students who have some comprehension of English. The courses focus on reading, writing and speaking skills at a simple level.
  • INTERMEDIATE: This level introduces English academic skills and is for students who need more study about and practice using English.
  • HIGH INTERMEDIATE: Students at this level work on English skills necessary for academic work at US colleges and universities.
  • ADVANCED: At this level, students are required to read academic readings, make presentations, and learn the conventions of academic writing. Students may be allowed to take one academic course when they reach this level of study.
  • ACADEMIC & GRADUATE: Students refine the English academic skills necessary for success in university courses while taking full- or part-time academic courses if eligible. Separate courses are offered to undergraduates and graduates at this level to meet the different academic needs of these students.
  • ADVANCED ACADEMIC: This is the highest level of English study and is for students who are qualified for full-time academic study at RIT but who desire further exposure to the types of readings, presentations, and writing expected of college students studying in the US.