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Global Union is a Major Student Organization(MSO) of Rochester Institute of Technology that represents nearly 2000 international students and the numerous cultural organizations at RIT. By hosting several events and programs throughout the year, Global Union hopes to better connect with its constituency in addition to informing and serving RIT and Greater Rochester community.

  1. To promote understanding of diversity and develop a strong multicultural movement within the community.
  2. To create awareness of global and international issues among all members of the community.
  3. To provide a platform for expression for the International and minority commnities of Rochester Institute of Technology.
  4. To represent the interests and concerns of all its members before Rochester Institute of Technology's Student Government.
  5. To encourage union, interaction, and understanding among all the different ethnic groups who converge at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  6. To provide leadership and facilitate communication, cooperation, networking, and mutual support among its affiliates.

New International Student Facebook Group

Global Union has created a Facebook group for all the international students at RIT. If you are not apart of the group yet, please join and invite any other international students you know to join. We want to ensure that future discussions or questions or concerns of international students be heard.

International Students' Concerns

Global Union has created a Google Form to hear any International student's issues or concern that they may have as a student at RIT. You may include suggestions on how to improve international student lifes. Everything is confidential and will be promptly revieweed at Global Union Meetings. Students who give meaningful feedback will be selected to join us for a special ice-cream social event that will take place soon! Note carefully! Please DO NOT include issues related to housing or transportation as these cannot be handled by Global Union.

Halloween Blowout!

Date: October 29, 2016

Location: SAU