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  • Recruitment is open to any male student attending RIT that is in good standing with the university and that is a full-time student.
  • Chapters may not extend a bid to potential members that are not enrolled at RIT.

General Rules

  • Events must abide by RIT quiet hour rules.
  • All recruitment events must be registered with EVR.
  • Chapter members (active or alumni) shall not consume alcohol with any potential new member(s) present during any recruitment event hosted by the chapter throughout the year.
  • This rule applies to any recruitment event or any event an observer would associate with fraternity recruitment
  • No alcohol may be consumed by any non-member (sorority women, or any Women attending the recruitment event), with potential new members present.
  • This rule applies to any recruitment event or any event an observer would associate with fraternity recruitment; recruitment is dry.
  • Fraternity chapters and individual chapter members shall not sponsor “after bars” or “open parties” of any sort at their chapter house, any off-campus owned/rented property by members of the fraternity, or local vendor establishment as a means of recruiting new members.
  • If a group is found in violation of having a “wet” recruitment event, the alleged group will be summoned to appear before the IFC Judicial Board.
  • Recruitment at RIT is such that any group can do any event they want on any night – even if another group is planning to do something as well.
  • Recruitment Week will start the Sunday morning prior to Week 1 of classes and will end on Friday at 5:00 PM of Week 3

Bid Signing and Delivery

  • All signed and complete RIT Fraternity New Member Forms are due to Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life by the Friday of Week 3 at 5 pm
  • Organization specific bid cards or new member forms can be signed after the aforementioned date and time.
  • Bids should not be handled out in a manner that would interrupt a potential new member's class.
  • Students should be free of pressure to accept one chapter’s bid versus that of another chapter.
  • In the event that a new member is “harassed” into accepting a bid from a chapter, the chapter in question can be brought before the IFC Judicial Board for action unbecoming a member of IFC.
  • “Harassed” is defined as but not limited to excessive calling, texting, messages on social networking sites, and more.

Public Relations and Advertising

  • Advertising and public relations efforts may begin at the beginning of Orientation Week and have no end date.
  • IFC shall not restrict or limit advertising or public relations efforts.
  • Organizations shall not advertise or post materials that are offensive, inappropriate, or degrading in any manner.
  • All public relations and advertising must follow the Center for Campus Life Posting Procedures for Advertising & Announcements.

Violations of the Formal Recruitment Process

  • Any and all violations of the recruitment process shall be turned over to the IFC Judicial Board and shall be adjudicated accordingly.
  • Violations include but all not limited to: Failure to EVR events and reserve spaces; “Bad-mouthing” another group, i.e., through implication, giving false information, etc through any medium; Giving an oral bid or handing a bid, prior to the IFC time. Starting from the end of the last term, to the next formal bid time; Undue pressure on a recruit to join; and any other act deemed by the IFC Judicial Board as “Dirty Recruiting.”

Interfraternity Council