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RIT IFC Recruitment Rules and Guidelines

Posting Recruitment Event Schedules 

❖ Recruitment schedules may be posted at any time, both physically and electronically.
❖ Recruitment event schedules posted before Friday of Week 2 must include the scheduled IFC recruitment event(s) if any were planned for that semester.

Grade Requirements

❖ Freshmen may participate in recruitment during their first semester at RIT
❖ Second semester freshmen or need to have a minimum of 2.500 cumulative GPA to be eligible to join a fraternity
❖ Grades are required to be checked by Fraternity and Sorority Life prior to any bid extension

Bid Extension, Bid Signing, and New Member Education 

❖ Grade release forms must be turned in by Wednesday, February 17th to ensure that grades can be pulled before the bid extension period ends. ➢ No bid can be extended to OR accepted by a potential unless their grades have been checked and approved by the IFC Graduate Assistant (through the Grade Release Form)
❖ All signed bids must be turned in to their chapter during the bid signing period ➢ Every student that receives a bid may only sign a bid for one chapter every semester.
❖ A list of all potential new members that are extended a bid must be emailed to the IFC Graduate Assistant by Thursday, February 18th 
❖ A list of all potential new members that have accepted their bids must be emailed to the IFC Graduate Assistant by Monday, February 27th 
❖ The New Member Card and The New Member Bill of Rights must be filled out by every student that signs a bid. ➢ The new member must physically come into the OFSL (04-A510) to fill out the New Member Bill of Rights.
❖ All new member education programs must start Sunday, February 26th 
❖ Rolling bids for the next semester may be extended after February 27th ➢ Rolling bids may not be signed until the Bid Signing period for the following semester *Any chapter that is found to be violating this policy will be brought up on judicial review.

*For questions and concerns please contact the VP of recruitment:

Definitions of terms
Bid due date ­ ​The day that a chapter may require a potential new member to sign their bid.
Bid Signing​­ The act of a potential new member accepting their bid and consenting to the new member education process.
Bid Extension​­ The act of a Fraternity informing a potential new member that they have received a bid. This does not refer to the fraternities vote that resulted in the extension of the bid.
Recruitment period​­ The period of time in which a Fraternity may hold official recruitment events.
Rolling bid​­ Any bid that is extended outside the recruitment period.
Grade Release Form​­ A form that allows the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to check the grades of any potential. It can be retrieved at the FSL office. The form can also be downloaded at the following address: FSL Grade Release Form
New member Education Program​­ The process by which new members are given the information and skills necessary to become fully initiated into an organization.
Hazing policy & New Member Bill of Rights​­ Documents outlining the FSL position on hazing and what each new member can expect from their new member education program; These forms must be signed by the new member in the Greek office after receiving their bid. They may be downloaded at this address: FSL Hazing policy + New Member bill of rights

Dates to Remember: Spring 2017

January 23rd -  Chapter Recruitment Events Begins 
February 11th - Chapter Recruitment Events Ends 
February 12th thru 15th - Interviews
February 15th - Last Day to Turn in Grade Release Forms 
February 16th thru 19th  - Bid Distribution
February 16th -  Bid list Due to FSL Office
February 20th thru 24th - Bid Acceptance
February 26th - New Member Education Begins
February 27th -  Accepted list required 
February 27th thru March 3rd -  New Member Cards and Hazing Policy Due Signing Week
February 27th -  Rolling Bid Extension begins 

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