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Late Insurance Waiver Request

Rochester Institute of Technology requires all international students to maintain medical insurance that provides coverage in the United States and meets certain minimum benefit requirements. To ensure this, RIT will automatically enroll all international students with A, B, E, F, G, I, J, K, O, Q, R or V visas in RIT's Basic Student Sickness & Accident Plan (Student Insurance Plan) based on their active registration status during the fall/winter and spring/summer periods. Certain international students will be eligible for an automatic exemption from this insurance plan as determined by the Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Enrollment Services Offices. All other requests for exemption must meet the criteria listed below.

If you are covered by another medical insurance plan with benefits comparable or better than those outlined below for claims processed in the United States, you may be eligible to waive RIT's insurance.

Prior to completing this late waiver request form, please review the following and confirm that your Insurance Policy MEETS or EXCEEDS the following Minimum Requirements:

  • The policy must have a maximum benefit of at least $500,000
  • The maximum yearly deductable cannot exceed $500 per year
  • In-Network co-insurance cannot be greater than 25%
  • Cannot have a pre-existing condition limitation
  • Unlimited maximum for Repatriation benefits
  • Unlimited maximum for Medical Evacuation benefits

Upon review and acceptance of your submitted information, your tuition bill will be credited the policy premium.

Please note that this request must be renewed every academic year
To continue the waiver process, please fill out the required fields below:

Late Insurance Waiver Request Form

All fields are required


I certify that the coverage under this health plan is comparable to coverage under the RIT student health insurance program and I understand I am responsible for my medical expenses once this waiver is submitted. I also certify that my insurance coverage will remain in effect without restrictions providing coverage during the current academic year. The submission of this waiver form including all information herewith constitutes truthful and accurate statements.

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