Faculty Advisory Board

The RIT Leadership Institute programs and events are led by a team of faculty and staff members from RIT and the community who advanced training and expertise in areas of leadership and career development.  Students are welcome to contact members of the Faculty Advisory Board to discuss his or her leadership development.

First Name Last Name Email Department
Duane Beck dpbcad@rit.edu College of Applied Science and Technology
Tom Connelly tpcsce@rit.edu Interactive Adventures
Brennan Coon bdcsid@rit.edu Center for Recreation and Intramurals
Michael D'Arcangelo mtdpro@rit.edu Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Marc Goldman mxgrla@rit.edu Center for Residence Life
Dan Greer drgrla@rit.edu Center for Residence Life
Jennifer Hinton Jennifer.Hinton@rit.edu RIT Center for MAGIC
Joeann Humbert jmhpsn@rit.edu RIT Human Resources
Dewey Lawrence dilcms@rit.edu University Studies Program
Talya Meyerowitz txmdar@rit.edu College of Liberal Arts
Tarra Ognissanti tlorla@rit.edu Center for Residence Life
Joyelle Proctor jxpmet@rit.edu College of Applied Science and Technology
Nicholas Rogers nicholas.rogers@rit.edu Sponsored Research Services
Cha Ron Sattler Charon.Sattler@rit.edu Center for Women and Gender
Colette Shaw cmsldc@rit.edu Academic Support Center
Kiersten Shinrock kesdar@rit.edu Alumni Relations
Fran Versace fcvhelp@rit.edu RIT ITS - Retired
Tomicka Wagstaff tcgnsc@rit.edu McNair Scholars Program
Denise Wellin dpwnca@rit.edu NTID Admissions
Sandra Whitmore swwpro@rit.edu Office of Diversity and Inclusion