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Leadership Development

FAQ Plus IconWhat type of Leadership Stuff do you do?

Lots! The Leadership Institute offers drop-in leadership workshops, interactive retreats, co-curricular certificate programs, an annual Connectology Leadership Conference, and credit bearing leadership courses! Find out more at BECOME A LEADER.

FAQ Plus IconWhat is Customized Learning or Free Pick Workshops in the Certificate Programs?

Two leadership certificate programs, Personal Success Skills and Organizational Leadership, require participants to attend 4 core workshops and two free pick workshop or events.  These free pick workshops/events allow students to customize your leadership experience to suit your needs and take advantage of leadership development opportunities offered throughout the University.  You may also choose to meet one on one with a Leadership Coach to personalize your leadership development.

FAQ Plus IconCan I register more than one Leadership certificate?

Yes!  Students often register for multiple certificates at once!  We just ask that students do not count free pick workshop or service events for more than one certificate at a time.  (No double counting.)  Otherwise students are encouraged to broaden their experience by completing multiple certificates.

FAQ Plus IconHow much does it cost?

There are no additional charges for the majority of our workshops, certificate programs, and events.The cost of our operations is covered by the Student Activity Fee paid as part of regular student billing. There is a nominal fee for the annual Connectology Leadership Conference and the Alternative Spring Break trip. Credit bearing leadership courses are run through the College of Applied Science and Technology under regular tuition pricing.

FAQ Plus IconIs there a limited time can complete these certificates?

Most certificates can be completed in just one semester. The average is one academic year. In some cases students may take up to two years to complete the requirements.  Please check the certificate packet for detailed information about each certificate. 

FAQ Plus IconI am interested in Student Advisory Board and how could I be part of it?

Student Advisory Board members should contact the SAB president for more information about how the club operates. Additionally students can contact Molly McGowan, Director of the Leadership Institute to request more information.  Once you have contacted these individuals, you can complete an Application on TheLink@RIT.  Additional information can be found here.

FAQ Plus IconWhat or Who is a Leadership Coach?

Students in the certificate program can meet with a leadership coach one on one to help explore his or her own leadership skills.  These coaches are members of our Faculty Advisory Board who teach the regular leadership workshops and have expertise in leadership.  Please contact our office if you would like to meet with a coach and we’ll be happy to help set up a meeting.

FAQ Plus IconWho is the National Society of Leadership and Success?

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a honor society.  Eligibility and invitations to join are based on his or her GPA requirements.  Prospective members receive mailed invitations directly from the national organization.  Invitations are typically mailed out during the Summer and Winter breaks based on the most recent data.  RIT’s NSLS organization is very active on campus.  Click here to find out more.

Community Service / Volunteer

FAQ Plus IconI need to do Community Service. Where do I start?

Our office can help. Whether your doing community service on your own, as part of a club or organization, or as a requirement for a class or disciplinary sanctions we can help you get started on the path to volunteering on campus or in the community.  If you would like to search for a place to volunteer, please visit our search page. Check out Find a place to volunteer page If you are required to do community service for any reason, please stop into our office or contact us via email at and we can help get you started and keep you on track to meet your requirements.

FAQ Plus IconHow many service agencies do we offer?

We maintain connections with 280 different agencies in the Rochester area. You can decide which agency suits your interests.  

FAQ Plus IconTransportation: I want to volunteer in the Community but I do not have a vehicle. How can I get there?

Volunteering in the Community can be a challenge for students who do not own a vehicle.  But luckily, RIT Students have a variety of ways they can get off campus and connect with the community. 

Buses:  Many agencies can be reached by the RTS bus system.  More information can be found:

SG Van:  RIT Student Government also provides vans which may be loaned out to student groups for service opportunites.  The driver must be certified by RIT Parking and Transportation.  A form is available at  Please plan well in advance to allow significant time for processing.  Once the driver has been certified,  contact RIT Student Government to reserve a van.

Carpool:  One of the best ways to volunteer in the community is to volunteer with friends and carpool!  If you would like help connecting with others, please stop by the Community Service Center and talk with our friendly staff.

Tracking Certificate Progress on TheLink@RIT

FAQ Plus IconWhat do you need to do after attending a workshop?

Please, wait for a day or two for your attendance to be uploaded to the Link.

If on your home page look under Curriculum Progress for a dropdown menu then select one certificate --> click the workshop that you attended 

If somewhere besides your home page, go to My Involvement --> Curriculum Progress --> Select one certificate --> Click the workshop that you attended.

At this moment, you should able to see "Additional Information Required". Click "Additional Information Required", you should able to see questions that you need to be answered and then type your reflection in the box. The final step is to save it. Once you saved, the bar of the selected workshop should be completed. 

Scholarships and Employment

FAQ Plus IconDo you hire students in your office?

Our office is small but we do hire some students to work in our office.  Typically we have two undergraduate student receptionists and two graduate assistants.  We seek candidates with strong backgrounds in campus leadership development, event planning, and/or community service.  Positions are filled as vacancies become available.

FAQ Plus IconDo you have scholarships available?

The Leadership Institute oversees the Leadership Award Scholarships and Awards Ceremony each year. These awards are geared for students who have demonstrated strong leadership as an RIT student.Applications often open in December and the deadline closes after classes start in late January. Please visit our scholarship page for more details.

Conferences and Events

FAQ Plus IconWhat is Connectology Leadership Conference?

It is our annual leadership conference and usually happen in spring semester. It is open to all people, included RIT students, RIT alumnis, areas college studetns and others. 

FAQ Plus IconWhat are retreats?

We offer a leadership retreat in the fall and the spring semester. 

Fall retreat:

We take 50 students to the camp and allow them to meet new people, work on your leadership skills, and complete leadership certificate requirements.

More information, check this page out!

Spring retreat:

We take 40 students to the camp where students explore leadership topics and experience an in-depth simulated social excerise. 

More information, check this page out