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Course are offered in partnership with the School of Individualized Studies.


Practicing and Assessing Personal Leadership Skills

By integrating course concepts of leadership styles and theories with a leadership field experience, students will be able to assess their skills as a leader and create a plan for growth and development for future success. Each student will be required to create a leadership learning agenda and development plan at the beginning of the quarter based on their current leadership experience. The learning agenda will identify goals for achievement and strategies for assessing and improving upon their effectiveness as a leader.



High Performance Leadership

Leadership today is challenging at best when considering all the complexities of the 21st century work environment. In this course, students will explore, discuss, and practice effective strategies and behaviors to lead others, teams, and organizations for high performance. Areas of focus include: leadership roles, theories and styles, creating a shared vision, coaching skills, teamwork and group dynamics, cultural communication and influence, and ethical decision making. Coursework will include extensive readings, case studies, written reports, small group projects, presentations and reflections. 


Leading in a Global Environment

The ability to communicate successfully, demonstrate leadership and navigate cultural complexities rank among the most critical competencies for professionals who work in global environment.  In this course, students will explore the impact of globalization, both positive and negative.  In addition, they will examine the process of adapting to a new culture and will develop skills for interacting successfully across culture. By looking closely at their own and others values, perspectives and decision-making processes, students will have an opportunity to consider how differing approaches can benefit idea generation, communication and problem solving.  The course will also introduce them to the traits that successful global leaders possess, which students will then apply to a variety of situations, including conflict resolution, as well as to other current topics that are of concern in the global arena.