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momentum is a program for students who want to make a change in the community by developing their leadership skills but don’t know where to start. The program consists of four workshops during which students learn about their strengths, use those strengths to collaborate and communicate with their teammates, and then apply their strengths to lead a service project right here on campus in partnership with Into the ROC! It is our hope that through this program students will learn that anyone can be a leader and that real change is possible, even if you start on a smaller, local scale.

Fall 2017: momentum participants take the lead at The Hunger Project!


Emerging Professionals Institute

In today's comptetitive job market, employers are looking for candidates that are not only comptetent in their area of study, but also hold cross-cutting skills. The Emerging Professionals programs will each focus on different competencies that students need to be successful in the workplace such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Through these exciting leadership experiences, students will be able to learn about these skills from guest speakers and then put them into action through difference projects and hands-on applications.