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The RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center's ("RLI&CSC") Organizational Service Award (the "Award") shall be presented to student organizations of the Rochester Institute of Technology ("RIT") which have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing service to others through their activities. The purpose of the Award is to provide an incentive for student organizations to pursue service as one of their operational goals and increase their awareness of the resources RLI&CSC can provide them in the pursuit of that goal.

The Award shall be a certificate, presented to an eligible student organization recognizing the commitment to service that the organization has made through its activities in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Any student organization recognized by RIT as one of the following organizational types, is eligible to receive the Award:

  • Major student organization
  • Student government club
  • Student government club sport
  • Academic clubs
  • Social fraternity or sorority
  • Academic/professional fraternity
  • Honor society
  • Media group
  • Special interest house

In order to receive the Award, an eligible organization must perform the following actions:

  • Organized a service project in in the period from September 7, 2009 and May 1, 2010 (inclusive) as approved by Phyllis Walker.
  • Submitted a report of the service project's completion through the RLI&CSC website.

Organizations may collaborate with other organizations to receive the Award. In such a case, each participating organization will submit a similar report and each will receive the Award.

In order to demonstrate involvement in a collaborative project, a majority of each of the organizations' active membership must participate in the project's planning or execution. Discretion on what constitutes 'active membership' shall be at the discretion of the organization's leadership, but should adhere to the reasonable person standard.

Award Receipt

  • Organizations which have been approved for the Award shall receive notification of thus no later than one week prior to the event at which the Award will be given.
  • Service events organized during the period in question shall be Awarded at RLI's annual banquet, if space permits.
  • All organizations receiving the Award shall receive, at minimum, 1 (one) ticket to the event at which the Award will be given. More tickets may be offered if space allows.

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