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How the RIT Community Service Center can help local agencies and organizations?

Connect: We can help connect students to your agency or organization for volunteer and community service opportunities for short term or long term placement.

Advertise:  We can advertise your community service events on our Facebook page and via email.  We can invite you to attend our bi-annual Community Service Fair where you can set up an information table and connect with RIT students one on one.

What to Expect when working with RIT College Students.

RIT Students cannot be generalized.  As a University with over 18,000 students, we have a very diverse student population.  The information below is provided as a general guide based on our ongoing historical work with our students.    

Be Realistic:

Think Short Term:  The college student population is young and transitional.  Their course schedules may fluctuate from term to term

Community Service Fair

The Community Service Fair is offered once at the beginning of each semester and it’s the perfect opportunity to find out how you can volunteer. At the Fair, you will see a diverse range of area agencies and you’ll have an opportunity to meet with representatives from these agencies who need your help.  Drop in!  Visit with agency representatives.  Find out how you can help make a difference!  You won’t be disappointed! View more information on Community Service Fairs under the Conferences and Events section.