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Transportation: I want to volunteer in the Community but I do not have a vehicle. How can I get there?

Volunteering in the Community can be a challenge for students who do not own a vehicle.  But luckily, RIT Students have a variety of ways they can get off campus and connect with the community. 

Buses:  Many agencies can be reached by the RTS bus system.  More information can be found:

SG Van:  RIT Student Government also provides vans which may be loaned out to student groups for service opportunites.  The driver must be certified by RIT Parking and Transportation.  A form is available at  Please plan well in advance to allow significant time for processing.  Once the driver has been certified,  contact RIT Student Government to reserve a van.

Carpool:  One of the best ways to volunteer in the community is to volunteer with friends and carpool!  If you would like help connecting with others, please stop by the Community Service Center and talk with our friendly staff.

Are there any community service activities available on campus?

Yes, it all depends on your choice and what you’re interested in. There are always numerous events going on where students have the opportunity to volunteer or you can volunteer with one of our many student service organizations listed on the website.

What service opportunities are available off campus?

Most service opportunities are off campus and on the website there are tons of service agencies and organizations in the Rochester area. If you need help contacting any agency or organization, do not hesitate to contact the community service center for help, someone will gladly assist you in finding the right service opportunity.

I need community service hours because of a requirement in being a part of or associated with a club, Greek organization, Honors council, or Scholarship recipient; how can I complete the hours?

As mentioned, many different service opportunities are available, you can volunteer on campus with RLI&CSC events, certain RIT events, and/or with RIT student service organizations. Also, there are off campus service agencies that you can volunteer with to attain the hours needed.

I need to do community service because of a conduct requirement, how can I complete the hours?

To fulfill a conduct requirement and complete community service hours, you must come into the office and fill out paperwork with the Community service office. We often recommend students to the office of Shipping and Receiving and Facilities Management Services (FMS), both departments are almost always willing to accept student volunteers. However, we can also connect you to other service opportunities.