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Non-Traditional Students

As a non-traditional student, you have chosen to pursue an RIT degree while already managing many other life roles. Generally speaking, a non-traditional student is anyone who is over 24 years of age. Non-traditional students are those who have chosen to start an undergraduate degree program after:

  • their graduation from high school
  • being in the work force
  • being a parent
  • serving in the military
  • being married

In addition to dealing with basic transition issues when starting college, non-traditional students are often also faced with additional issues such as:

  • having to work full time
  • balancing education, family, and work
  • limited time on campus prohibiting them from building relationships and getting involved
  • difficulty connecting with classmates
  • fewer scholarship opportunities and other financial strains

We realize that you may not be interested in the small group activities associated with the fall and spring New Student Orientation programs, but we hope you will choose to attend some of Orientation. You are welcome to go to any of the events listed on the Orientation schedule – even if you choose not to be in a group. We are here to help make your transition as smooth as possible, and want to be sure we are meeting your unique needs, so please let us know how we can help.