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New Student Survival Guide

The New Student Survival Guide will be mailed to deposited students starting in late May.

The New Student Survival Guide is an invaluable tool in helping you become prepared and knowledgeable about RIT services and resources. It contains a wealth of information on getting started, orientation, living at RIT, learning at RIT, and financing at RIT. This Guide is your “orientation packet” and contains all of the information you will need regarding your orientation program; there is no other mailing for this purpose. One copy is sent to the home of every freshman and transfer student who have paid their acceptance of admission deposit. Because of the high cost of producing and mailing this publication, we do not have additional copies to distribute; however, the New Student Survival Guide is available in PDF format on our website.

The Family Survival Guide and Calendar is similar to the student version, except it contains a twelve-month calendar filled with interesting tidbits about RIT, recommended reading, contact information for critical people and departments, and suggestions for helping your student transition successfully. It is available on campus when families check in for the Family Orientation program. There is one copy available per home, not per person.