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Transfer Program Highlights

The New Student Orientation schedule for the 2016 program is now available. The transfer schedule for track one participants is the same as the schedule for first-year students with some additional transfer only events. Please note that the tentative 2016 schedule is posted and you will receive your final schedule when you check-in for New Student Orientation on August 16.

If you are a transfer student, you are part of a unique and diverse group and we are thrilled that you have chosen to continue your educational journey at RIT. Our Transfer Orientation program is optional, however, it is in your best interest to get involved and learn all you can about RIT’s resources and services and make connections with other students. Not to mention, the Orientation Fee is mandatory whether you attend Orientation or not.

We recognize that transfer students have more diverse backgrounds and have different needs than freshmen, so we’ve designed a flexible Orientation for you that can be customized. Transfer students have two program options that vary in intensity, called tracks. You will select one of these tracks when you register for Orientation. Registration for both tracks of Transfer Orientation is required and you can register for the program here.