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Family Orientation

Your student isn’t the only one making a transition – we know that you are there to support him/her in this adventure but that you may also need support and access to resources. We have designed a two-day program to provide everything you need to become a member of the Tiger family and feel confident that your student will be in good hands.

Move-in day for freshmen and transfer students is Tuesday, August 16, 2016 and the orientation program for families will take place the evening of the 16th and during the day on Wednesday, August 17th. 

Among the many highlights of the family program:

  • Meeting with the Dean and/or faculty and staff from your student's college/program
  • Learning the ins and outs of student employment, finanical aid, and student accounts
  • Gathering information about what we do to keep your student safe, secure, and healthy
  • Mingling with RIT's President, Dr. William Destler
  • Watching your student participate in the Tiger Walk (being cheered on by faculty, staff, RITchie, and the RIT Pep Band!)
  • Participating in the annual Convocation for New Students and Families (which is the official kickoff to the academic year!