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Lead Orientation Assistants & Operations Managers

Paul Benns
Buffalo, NY
5th Year
It’s ok to not know everything about yourself or your passions. Take college one day at a time and you’ll find yourself along the way and make amazing memories.
Kelsey Clements
Clifton Springs, NY
5th Year
Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the opportunities RIT has to offer!
Matt Crawford
Saratoga Springs, NY
5th Year
If you have a class that requires a book, go to and check if there's an online version before buying it!
Alexis Cruz
Gloucester, MA
4th Year
Put yourself out there and engage in the events. It's the best way to meet new people and have fun!
Zach Davies
Birdsboro, PA
5th Year
Never skip your sleep. Sleep between classes, in the library, or even in the hallway! Sleep at every change you get.
Paul Fowler
Rochester, NY
3rd Year
Dont be afraid to be yourself. There are so many opportunities out there for you to grow and learn.
Stephen Giordano
Hauppauge, NY
4th Year
Take every opportunity you can get, have fun, and meet new people. It's a whole new world here, explore it!
Alexander Gonye
Falmouth, MA
4th Year
Your OL is a great resource for you throughout the year, not just orientation!
Nicholas Iannaco
Hudson, NH
3rd Year
Meet new people! You can make lasting relationships from day one!
Zoe Kniskern
Springfield, MA
3rd Year
Make new friends- it can be as simple as a smile and saying "hello"!
Ethan Koval
Waterford, NY
3rd Year
Put yourself out there! Meet new people, and try new things!
Tyler Kuhns
Hamburg, NY
3rd Year
Take time to explore RIT and all that it's campus and people have to offer. You're bound to find activities/groups that you'll love!
Shannon McLaughlin
Liverpool, New York
3rd Year
Orientation can be a great start for your college career! Learn a lot, have fun and get involved at RIT!
Molly McMahon
Portland, OR
Grad Student
You get from Orientation what you put in, so give it your best!
Megan O'Connor
Liverpool, NY
4th Year
Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; take every opportunity, even if it scares you!
Jennifer Palmer
Madison, CT
4th Year
College is what you make of it. Get involved on campus, in clubs or sports, there is something for everyone!
Laurel Perweiler
Saylorsburg, PA
3rd Year
Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone- whether that is saying hello to a stranger or joining a club. You never know what it may lead too!
Rosie Phan
4th Year
Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and show the world who you are!
Eric Scheler
Breinigsville, PA
3rd Year
Be proud of who you are and what you do.
Simran Singh
Norristown, PA
4th Year
Do things that you've never done before, you may find your passions in things you never expected.
Benjamin Suits Baer
Moorhead, MN
5th Year
Take chances! Try something you haven't done before and I guarantee you will find something to love and remember for the rest of your life.
Adnan Syed
Endicott, NY
4th Year
Getting involved in campus will enrich your college experience and have fun!
Meagan Trabert
Chapel Hill, NC
3rd Year
Don't be afraid to try something new!
Andrew Walker
Greene, NY
4th Year
Be yourself and get involved! RIT has so many opportunities to do something extracurricular. I found my best friends have similar interests as I do!
Michael Yaeger
Saugerties, NY
4th Year
Welcome to RIT! Be sure you take the time to explore all the things our campus has to offer. You may be surprised.