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RIT Parent Advisory Council

Welcome Rochester Institute of Technology parents! The Center for Orientation & Transition values your support as your student transitions to the RIT community. The RIT Parent Advisory Council (RPAC) is an emerging organization that serves as a bridge of communication between RIT parents and the University's administration, faculty, student body, alumni, and friends. Members of the RPAC serve as spokespeople for the entire parent constituency. The purpose of the RPAC is to enrich and enhance the educational experience of RIT students by supporting them as they successfully transition into, through, and out of RIT.

The RPAC seeks the involvement of its members in ways that complement the programs administrative offices and other volunteer organizations.  Members of the RPAC are informed about activities, policies, programs, concerns, and plans for future development. The RPAC provides parents a means to express observations, suggestions, or concerns about programs, plans, and student life issues.

Here are some of the ways that you can directly participate in the life of RIT students:

  • Stay informed and engaged by attending events that take place in or near your hometown.
  • Be an ambassador for RIT by hosting an event for other RIT parents, families, and/or alumni in your home or at another venue.
  • Help students develop their careers by participating in one or more of the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services programs.
  • Increase opportunities for all RIT students by contributing financially and by asking other parents to do the same.

If you are interested in being involved, need more information, or have a question, please contact us via email ( or phone (585) 475-7995. Also, join our admitted class of 2014 parent Facebook group at