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Kitchen Away from Home

Help your student learn their way around the kitchen with our RIT parent-developed Kitchen Away from Home Cookbook! This cookbook includes recipes in six categories for chefs with a variety of experience:

  • Dorm Room Delights: Recipes that can be made with few ingredients, either in dorm rooms or using a microwave in the kitchen.
  • Dinners for Beginners: Full dinner recipes that are easy to make-a challenging ingredient here or there to help students learn their way around a kitchen.
  • Snack Attack: Healthy and easy to make snacks that will help students skip the vending machine. Items that can be made in bulk are particularly exciting!
  • “I don’t have class until 2 p.m.!”: Delicious breakfast ideas for students with a little extra time in the morning.
  • The Freshman 15: Scrumptious snacks and desserts for students who aren’t too worried about gaining those famous 15 pounds during their college experience.
  • Parents to Parents: Your place to include the recipes that you love but that might be a little bit more challenging to create. These recipes are for home cooks who have a little bit more skill-or brave student chefs!

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