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Orthodox Christian Fellowship Logo An Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a student led, pan-orthodox fellowship on a university or college campus, whose members come together for fellowship, to learn more about the Orthodox Christian Faith, to worship God, and to serve through various ministries. For the Orthodox Christian, the Truth is not an intellectual concept. It is experienced by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as He reveals Himself in and through His Church.

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Mary Cowles

Mary Cowles, the Director of Orthodox Christian Ministry at RIT, is a graduate of Columbia University, Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (M.Th). A Board Certified Chaplain of the Association of Professional Chaplains, she was the first Orthodox woman to be commissioned as a chaplain.

Before her marriage to Fr. Patrick Cowles, she was Director of Pastoral Care at Bradley Hospital, a Brown University psychiatric hospital for young people.

The best way to become involved is to join our Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Rochester Facebook.

Mary Cowles, Chaplain: 585-387-0986; m.s.cowles@frontiernet.net

Greg Fedorchak, OCF of Rochester President: 607-427-3286; gfedorch@u.rochester.edu

Fr. Patrick Cowles, OCF Spiritual Adviser: Holy Spirit GOC, 835 South Ave., Rochester, NY 14620; 585-576-1627; fpholyspirit@frontiernet.net

Professor Nick Thireos, OCF Faculty Adviser: 475-6511; NAT4087@rit.edu

National OCF Office: 800-919-1623; www.ocf.net

The National OCF office suppports the more than 180 chapters located on individual campuses, through resources and programs, including December College Conferences and Real Breaks (short term mission projects to awesome locations).