Rochester Institute of Technology


The Center for Residence Life is committed to engaging, inclusive and safe living-learning environments. We foster student success through pioneering initiatives, collaboration within our department and throughout the campus, and a focus on a respectful community, holistic development, and personal wellness.


The Center for Residence Life will facilitate student success as a leading Student Affairs department fueled by innovation and collaboration.

Core Values

Student Success

We promote our students’ success through a student-centered approach with appropriate levels of both challenge and support.


We work to create a living environment focused on safety and wellness while supporting and encouraging the well-rounded development of our students.


We are committed to building a strong alliance and connection with campus and community partners to ensure teamwork and achieve excellence.


We all share the responsibility of being respectful and welcoming to everyone we encounter to support cross-cultural understanding and diversity.

Community Engagement

We value opportunities for impactful learning, growth, and innovation through active and intentional development of the community.