No Voice Zone

No Voice Zone is a weekly opportunity for students to learn American Sign Language. It occurs on Wednesday nights from 10-11pm in the SDC 1300-1310.

Students who attend will learn ASL and about deaf culture from student teachers and coordinators based on their skill level. Each week has a different theme and signs to learn. There are also some special events throughout the year including a Halloween Party, Valentine’s Day Celebration and more.

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On Campus Apartment Student Association

The RIT On Campus Apartment Student Association (OCASA) is a student elected and run Major Student Organization (MSO) that represents and serves the needs of students living in RIT apartments, providing resources, information, support, and events for this population of RIT students.

Our goal is to address the concerns of students living in RIT Apartments and create events and programming tailored to meet their needs, as well as be a voice for those students in Student Government to make sure the university is serving them as best it can.

OCASA Services include lounge space for apartment students, free computer and printer access as well as advice and information on housing and transportation.

The OCASA Office is located at 113 Riverknoll

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RIT Residence Halls Association

Residence Halls Association, commonly known as RHA, is one of the Major Student Organizations (MSO) on campus.

They are located in the tunnels between Grace Watson Hall and Gleason Hall. They provide services and events throughout the year for students living in the residence halls. Some of their major events are barbeques for students every 15th of the month, game nights on the last Friday of every month, and more. They also provide a video rental service that can be accessed by any residence hall student.

Clubs and Organizations can also collaborate with RHA on events they may be planning. If you are interested in contributing to the murals throughout the tunnels, RHA is also the place to assist you in that process!

In addition RHA serve as a voice for those students when communicating with Student Government and RIT administration.

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RITchie’s Game Room

The RITchie’s Game Room is located in the tunnels under Gibson Hall where students can get together and play billiards, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, and video gaming.

Students can also watch their favorite shows and movies on a large screen television or listen to music. Students and student organizations can reserve the RITchie’s Game Room for an event or program.

The staff will work with you to provide the best experience for your event or program. If you are interested in reserving Ritchie's game room, a reservation request can be picked up from the EPD area office on the first floor of Ellingson Hall.

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