RITchie's Game Room

Are you interested in reserving the RITchie's Game Room?

Please complete and submit the form below one week prior to event date.

Reservation Request Form

(*) Payment must be made at least 1 business day prior to your reservation date

RITchie’s Reservation Information & Policy

The RITchie’s management reserves the right to reserve the facility at their discretion. RITchie’s may remain open to the general public during scheduled events if deemed necessary. The RITchie’s management also reserves the right to limit or deny reservation at peak times, days of the week, and academic year.

Contact RITchie’s Game Room Management at ritchiesgameroom@gmail.com if you have any questions.

RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF / SPECIAL INTEREST HOUSES will be allotted two free hours at RITchie’s per semester, with the stipulation that the reservation take place during the normal operating hours and a reservation form is filled out in a timely manner (at least 7 business days prior to the date requested) for approval. If you used up the two free hours allotted and you want to reserve the facility again, there will be a charge of $15.00 per hour, per staff member needed.

OTHER CAMPUS RECOGNIZED ORGANIZATIONS / CLUBS / INDIVIDUALS may reserve RITchie’s by filling out a reservation form in a timely manner (at least two full weeks prior to the date requested) for approval. The requesting party will be charged $15.00 per hour, per staff member needed. If the reservation is not confirmed by payment 24 hours in advance of the event, RITchie’s has the right to cancel the event and/or open the facility to the public during the event. If the attendees are non-residential students, the party reserving the facility is in charge of gaining access to the building for the attendees. No special accommodations will be made by the RITchie’s staff for entry into the building.

DAMAGE / LOSS: All parties reserving RITchie’s will be held responsible for the loss and/or damage of equipment used by their members during the specified time of the event. The charge for repair and/or replacement of equipment will be charged to the group reserving the facility.

OCCUPANCY: RITchie’s is restricted to a maximum of 65 people at one time.

BILLING: RITchie’s Administrative Advisor is responsible for all of the billings and will be in contact with the reserving party to process the billing.

CONFIRMATION: You will be contacted within 2 business days to learn the status of your reservation request via email. If you submit the request in on a Friday or Saturday, it will not be reviewed until the following Monday.


  • Monday: 8PM-2AM
  • Tuesday: 8PM-2AM
  • Wednesday: 8PM-2AM
  • Thursday: 8PM-2AM
  • Friday: 8PM-3AM
  • Saturday: 2PM-3AM
  • Sunday: 8PM-Midnight