Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we often get answered. If you feel like something has been missed or you're still a little confused, feel free to contact us.

Am I eligible to rent DVDs?

As long as you live in the dorms you are allowed to rent DVDs for free.

I am new to RHA. How do I rent DVDs?

Simply fill out a RHA Video Library Application and give your ID to the RHA staff on duty.

How many DVDs can I rent at one time?

You are allowed to rent 3 DVDs at one time. Just return them and you can rent more.

How long can I keep DVDs?

You may keep a DVD up to 3 days after you rent it. If you want to return a DVD and the RHA Office is closed, you can drop your DVD in RHAlf the DVD return box under Baker.

Can I watch a Movie with friends in the RHA Office?

Yes! The RHA office is open to anyone who would like to watch a movie. You have to fill out a RHA Rental form, as long as you specify the movie and time you would like to watch we can accommodate you. Note: You can only reserve this during pre-scheduled Office Hours.