Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we often get answered. If you feel like something has been missed or you're still a little confused, feel free to stop by our office.

Am I eligible to rent DVDs?

As long as you live in the dorms you are allowed to rent DVDs for free.

I am new to RHA. How do I rent DVDs?

Simply fill out the membership application, return it to our office, and give your RIT ID to the RHA staff member on duty.

How many DVDs can I rent at one time?

You are allowed to rent 3 DVDs at one time. Just return them and you can rent more.

How long can I keep DVDs?

You may keep a DVD up to 3 days after you rent it. If you want to return a DVD and the RHA Office is closed, you can drop your DVD in the RHAlf DVD return box under Baker, across from our office.

Can I watch a movie with friends in the RHA Office?

Yes! The RHA office is open to anyone who would like to watch a movie. You have to fill out a rental form, but as long as you specify the movie and time you would like to watch we can accommodate you. Please note that you can only reserve this during pre-scheduled office hours.