Special Interest Housing

This page is here to provide more information about the special interest housing offered in the residence halls. For general housing information, or information specifically about living in the residence halls, please visit RIT Housing Operations.

What is special interest housing?

There are currently 7 special interest houses at RIT. Located on specific floors in the residence halls, "the primary objective of each SIH is to enhance academic and college life through social events, extracurricular projects, and other enriching activities" [1] with a specific focus in mind. For example, an engineering student may be interested in living in Engineering House and an art student may want to apply for Art House. You do NOT have to live on the house floor in order to be a member.

If you become a house member, you are expected to participate in floor meetings and activities. Each SIHs sets their own dues, but they generally range from $45 to $105 per year and can be charged directly to your RIT bill. [2]

Art HouseVisit their website »

Computer Science HouseVisit their website »

Engineering HouseVisit their website »

House of General ScienceVisit their website »

International HouseVisit their website »

Photo HouseVisit their website »

Unity HouseVisit their website »


[1] http://www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/reslife/residencehalls/programs/
[2] http://finweb.rit.edu/housing/residence/specialinterest.html