Fall Semester Office Hours

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4:00-5:00 Open4-7
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7:00-8:00 Open7-9
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Our Staff

President – Marc Billowrhapres@rit.edu

Hey there, my name is Marc Billow and I am this year's RHA President. I am a Networking and Systems Administration major with a minor in Software Engineering. My goal this year it to ensure every student in the dorms benefits as much as they can from everything the RHA has to offer! If you are free on Wednesday nights, drop by and say Hi!

Vice President – Rose Hackerrhavp@rit.edu

Hey! My name is Rose and I'm the Vice President of the RHA. I'm a third year Web and Mobile Computing major and a member of the Computer Science House. My interests include theater, web development and horror movies. Come to my office hours to watch a scary movie or the newest episode of Law & Order SVU!

Finance Director – Paul Ugolinirhafin@rit.edu

Hello! My name is Paul Ugolini and I am the Finance Director of the RHA this year. I am also a second year computer engineering major and member of Computer Science House. My interests include robotics and aviation. I'm really indecisive, so if you stop by my office hours and I still haven't picked a movie, please help.

Special Interest House Senator – Kailey Martin rhasih@rit.edu

Hi! My name is Kailey Martin and I'm the Special Interest House Senator for the RHA. I'm a third year Fine Art Studio major and a member of Photo House. I love painting, hockey, FIRST robotics, photography, geocaching, and puns.

Graphic Designer – Tanat Boozayaangooltxb9038@rit.edu

Hey! My name is Tanat and I'm the Graphic Designer of the RHA. I'm a second year Game Design and Development student from Bangkok, Thailand and I currently live in the Computer Science House. In my free time, I like to watch anime, play video games, or enjoy a game of volleyball or badminton. I'm also crazy about the movie, Train to Busan. At the point of reading this, I'll either be desperately trying to watch that movie or emotionally scarred from the movie. Stop by and talk to me, if you're bored!

Public Relations Manager – Emily Sanseverinorhapr@rit.edu

I'm Emily, and I'm the Public Relations Director. I am also a Biomedical Engineer, and used to be an RA. If you have any questions about the RHA or our programming, feel free to email me!

Commodity Manager – Sara Zuwiyya smz4687@rit.edu

I am a second year Mechanical Engineering Major an a member of Engineering House as well as Brick City Boppers and Engineers for a Sustainable World. In my free time, I enjoy Netflix, baking, distance running, hiking, and reading. I love the Disney classics and action movies, so please come to my office hours and enjoy watching them with me.

Video Library Manager – Arianna Pinkham anp7046@rit.edu

Hey my name is Arianna Pinkham and I'm your Video Librarian. I'm a second year Applied Mathematics major but I have a passion for movies. Stop by during my hours to chat and suggest movies we should have!

RITchie's Student Manager – Quintin Reed qar4778@rit.edu

Advisor – Adam Griffithajgrla@rit.edu

Adam Griffith serves as the Advisor for RHA. After serving as a Residence Coordinator for the past few years and now an Area Director in Residence Life, Adam’s role with the RHA is to build connections between RHA and campus partners. As a Major Student Organization on campus, the RHA has close partnerships with Student Government, Student Wellness, and other groups interested in collaborating. In addition to RHA’s programming and contributions, it hosts the leadership for the Special Interest Houses. Adam works to make sure these connections remain strong and are serving the needs of the residential students.