Fall Semester Office Hours

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:00-2:00 Rose1-4
5:00-6:00 Staff Meeting
6:00-7:00 Nick6-9 Kailey6-9 Harsh6-9 Kimmy6-9 Ethan6-9
8:00-9:00 Steven8-11
9:00-10:00 MARC 9-12 Jackie9-12 Marc9-12 Max9-12 Kathrine9-12

Our Staff

President – Nick Depinetnld9806@rit.edu

Hi, my name is Nick Depinet and I am your president. I am a fourth year Computer Science major here at RIT. My favorite movie is Interstellar, but I like pretty much all sci-fi or action/adventure movies. Feel free to drop by any time during my office hours and say hello!

Vice President – Max Bourgeoismrb3472@rit.edu

I'm Max Bourgeois, your Vice President. I am a third year Electrical Mechanical Engineering Tech. major from NRH floor 3! Some of my interests include woodworking, vintage audio, and Sailing. I am always looking for new and awesome ways to better the environment of dorm side here at RIT. If you have any ideas or just want to hang and chat don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

SG Representative – Katherine Broderickkmb3054@rit.edu

I’m Katherine and I’m the Residence Hall Senator for the RHA. I am a third year Biomedical Photographic Communications major and a member of Photo House. I am also a part of the Fencing Club and the Archery Club.

Finance Director – Marc Billowmwb3965@rit.edu

Hey there, my name is Marc Billow and I am the Finance Director this year. I am a second year Networking and Systems Administration major and live on the third floor of NRH. Outside of the classroom you’ll find me working on various projects ranging from 3D printing to home automation. I’d love for you to stop by during my office hours to chat and take advantage of what the RHA has to offer!

Special Interest House Senator – Kimberly Bernetski kab3322@rit.edu

Hi! My name is Kimmy Bernetski and I am the Special Interest House Senator this year. I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student. While I represent all the SIH's, my heart belongs to Engineering House where I have lived since coming to RIT. When I have free time I enjoy playing music on my mandolin, going on adventures, exploring campus, and watching Game of Thrones.

Graphic Designer – Kailey Martinkam1321@rit.edu

Hi! My name is Kailey Martin and I'm the Design Director for the RHA. I'm a third year Fine Art Studio major and a member of Photo House. I love painting, hockey, FIRST robotics, photography, geocaching, and puns.

Public Relations Manager – Rosalee Hackerrah6552@rit.edu

Hey! My name is Rose and I'm the Public Relations Director for the RHA. I'm a second year Web and Mobile Computing major and a member of the Computer Science House. I'm a huge theater lover and will mostly likely be playing musicals during my office hours.

Technical Services Manager – Harsh Joshihxj6205@rit.edu

Hey everyone, my name is Harsh Joshi and I'm a second year computer science major from Parsippany, NJ who is also a member of Computer Science House. I help make RHA's services accessible through our website.

Programming Director – Jackie McGrawjdm9105@rit.edu

Hey guys! My name is Jackie McGraw and I am the Programming Director this year for the RHA. I am a 4th year Game Design and Development major and a 4th year member of the Computer Science House. My office hours are 9-12 on Monday nights so feel free to stop by and suggest any fun events you’d like to see me plan throughout the year or just stop by to play some board games with me while I take my final courses this year on board game theory!

Commodity Manager – Ethan Griswold edg8445@rit.edu

Hi, my name is Ethan Griswold and I will be joining the RHA this semester as the Commodity Manager. I am a second year Biomedical Engineering major from Waterbury, Vermont. I am always looking for ways to help those in need. I’m also a lover of movies and just about anything outdoors. So if you share any of my passions, feel free to stop by during my hours and say hi!

Video Library Manager – Emily Sanseverino ejs4592@rit.edu

Hello, I am studying Biomedical Engineering, and am the Senior Resident Advisor for FISH Hall. Here at the RHA, I am the Video Librarian. I am the person who goes through all of the DVD suggestions, purchases them and puts them on the shelf. Please be sure to ask if we have something we are looking for or suggest it to us for the future.

RITchie's Student Manager – Cecilia Grugan csg1553@rit.edu

Howdy RIT Tigers! My name is Cecilia Grugan - often better known as "Cece" - and I am the Student Manager of the RITchie's Game Room! As I tackle my fourth and last year as a student at RIT, I completing my Bachelor's in the School of Individualized Studies. I am also a Senior Resident Advisor for the Sol Heumann Residence Halls and would love to meet y'all! Come by to the Game Room to play a game of pool or two (there's other things too)!

Advisor – Wendy Hagele-Stapfwmhsar@rit.edu

Wendy Hagele-Stapf is the Advisor for RHA. Her main functions are assisting with the executive board and communicating with various campus partners about collaboration opportunities. RHA has many connections to different groups on campus, from Student Government, Major Student Organizations, Special Interest Houses, and more! Wendy's role is to assist the executive board in maintaining these relationships and contributing to events and services that RHA brings to our residence halls.