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Unity House is a Special Interest House in Eugene Colby Hall.


The motto of Unity House is “One House, One Love, One Family.” Not only is this our motto, but it is the standard to which members hold themselves accountable to on a daily basis.

  • One House: better yet a home, and not just any home, for that matter. Unity House serves as students’ “home away from home.” United as a house, we stand for diversity, and nourish our diversity by enlightening other members of our community about our backgrounds.
  • One Love: as a Special Interest House run by students of many different disciplines and cultures, we love success. We pride ourselves on excellence whether it is in academics, extracurricular activities, or communal projects.
  • One Family: from the beginning of the year, off-floor and on-floor members alike begin to form lasting bonds with each other. These bonds endure long past a member’s time on the floor. Thus, allowing students to network with each other, and gain knowledge from upperclassmen who have been through their dilemmas previously.

The mission of Unity House is to nurture students into strong and influential leaders in the RIT community, who are culturally diverse, impactful, and academically successful. In order to accomplish our mission, we encourage our members to be active members of the community by participating in events on campus, volunteering in the community, and leading by example. Above all, we cater to the academic and social necessities of our members. In fulfilling these necessities, we provide academic support such as: tutoring at study jams, advice on classes, etc.


The Unity House was formed in 1986.


Tribute to Black Art and Music

The event first started in 2000.[1]


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