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The College Restoration Program is an intensive one-quarter academic intervention program for students on academic suspension or probation.

The CRP application process

There is specific eligibility the student must meet in order to participate in CRP:

  • An online referral must be submitted from their academic department
  • An online application must be submitted by the student
  • Their RIT account must be free of financial, health & disciplinary “holds.”
  • Students are not allowed to have any “incomplete,” “I” grades on their official academic transcripts
  • Eligible students are accepted on a case-by-case basis for up to 75 students.

Note: CRP is a one-time only opportunity

CRP Mentoring Component

Each CRP student is assigned a mentor. Mentors and students meet weekly to discuss progress and concerns. The mentor serves primarily as an academic advisor; however personal issues which impact academic performance are often raised. The mentor receives information from both the CRP and credit course instructors throughout the semester. He/she is responsible for writing their mentee’s Mid-Term Grade Report and Final Grade Report that includes recommendations for the following semester.


Upon successful completion of CRP, students apply for readmission to the college or academic department of their choice.

CRP Courses
  • Required Courses:
    • CRP Academic Strategies
    • CRP Motivation & Wellness
  • Credit Courses:
    • CRP students take three credit courses, and up to 10 credit hours during the CRP semester
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