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The English Language Center offers advanced academic English courses for international students at RIT and a full-time program of intensive English for non-degree and provisionally admitted students.

Academic English for RIT Students

The ELC offers advanced courses in English to prepare international students for academic reading and writing at the university level.  Courses in special topics are also offered, such as:  Academic Presentation Skills; The Sound System of English; Reading in Science and Technology; Critical Thinking;  Integrated Language Skills for the TOEFL; Research Paper Writing; Reading in the Fine Arts; and Analysis and Problem Solving.  Special topics offerings vary from term to term.

Depending on their TOEFL or IELTS scores, RIT International students may be required by admissions or by their department to take a battery of English language assessments upon arrival at RIT.  Based on the test battery results, students may be required to enroll in English courses which meet their language needs.  Course grades appear on RIT transcripts.  Courses do not bear academic credit.

Full-time Program for non-degree and provisionally admitted students

For full-time English language students, the intensive English language program consists of 20 or 21 hours of classroom instruction per week at beginning, intermediate and advanced proficiency levels.  The program prepares students for academic study in English and also assists its students in acclimating to life in the U.S.  The intensive program meets the immigration requirements for the Certificate of Eligibility I-20 for F-1 student status. 

Global Connections: Activities and programs

Every term, the ELC offers events to connect its students with others on campus and in the community.  The ELC hosts weekly activities and regularly co-hosts events with other RIT student and Rochester community groups.  The ELC organizes a Conversation Partner program which sets up one-on-one or small group experiences for students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to talk to each other in English and learn from each other.  RIT students and faculty who would like to meet the international students at the English Language Center are welcome to drop by and find out how.

Individual and Small-group Foreign Language Instruction

For RIT faculty, staff and others who request specialized individual or small group instruction in a foreign language, the English Language Center provides a service to identify students who speak that language natively and are able to teach it.  International students may thus find an opportunity for part-time employment at the English Language Center to teach their native language to others at RIT.

English Language Testing and Assessment

Who takes the English language assessment battery?

  • All non-degree students in the full-time program
  • All provisionally admitted students
  • RIT International students if required by RIT or by the home department

What is the English language assessment battery?

The test includes five parts:

  • Writing test
  • Speaking test
  • The Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency, which tests reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

When is the English language assessment battery given?

  • At the beginning of a student’s first term at RIT
  • At the end of every term of study in the English Language Center

What happens with assessment results at the end of each term?

Both students and academic advisors receive:

  • Assessment battery results
  • A progress report assessing in-class performance and progress
  • A recommendation regarding any need for continuing language study
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