TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO SSS has a long standing history at RIT and three major objectives in working with students: maintain good academic standing, retention, and graduation. Students accepted into the program will remain in our program until graduation and will work with an assigned support specialist to capitalize on strengths and address needs. We will provide an intensive case management approach for students and help them to fully engage with their college experience.

Services cross a wide spectrum. Academic services are the core of the program and include peer tutoring in any content area, drop-in tutoring in math, science and engineering, and individualized math and liberal arts instructor with a professional staff member. Additionally staff will assist students with course selection and advisement and work in conjunction with the academic advisor. Financial literacy and financial aid planning will be discussed and part of the student’s long and short term goals and objectives. Finally we will work with students during the co-op process and encourage and assist with graduate and professional school applications.

  • Serve students who meet one or more criteria:
    • First generation college student
    • Low income college students
    • Disabled college student
  • Must be an undergraduate student matriculated in a bachelor’s degree program and
  • Will work individually with a support specialist to capitalize strengths
  • Will receive comprehensive and individualized support to meet goals including but not limited to:
    • Academic support
    • Assistance with course selection and advisement
    • Financial literacy
    • Financial Aid
    • Encouragement to apply to graduate and professional schools
    • Assistance with the co-op process
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