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Definition of Organization-Related Event

An RIT Organization may be held responsible for an incident on or off the RIT campus when there has been a violation of the RIT Student Code of Conduct and/or violation of local, state or federal statutes if one or more of the following is established (including but not limited to):

  • When organization funds are used to fund the event

  • When the following percentages of the active membership are in attendance or involved in the event:

- Organizations with membership between 1-15:       50%

- Organizations with membership between 16-40:     33%

- Organizations with membership 41or more:            25%

  • When the event is discussed/described at an organization meeting, in notes, on a flyer or  poster

  • When name of organization is displayed (walls, shirts, etc)

  • When event is described as a “mixer”, or a “social” with another RIT campus organization

  • When Executive Board/Leader/Captains of the organization are present and host event