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Arrow Good Samaritan Policy

The RIT Good Samaritan Policy is designed to address issues related to alcohol abuse for the following situations:


  • An individual voluntarily contacts RIT personnel or outside emergency services for medical assistance related to alcohol use or intoxication.
  • An individual calls for emergency assistance on behalf of a person experiencing an alcohol-related medical emergency.
  • An individual is named in a Public Safety Incident Report as being present during the alcohol-related medical emergency.
  • An organization hosts an event in which a student calls for medical assistance on behalf of a person experiencing an alcohol-related medical emergency.


A student or organization referred to the Office of Student Conduct through the Good Samaritan Policy regardless of conduct history will not receive a disciplinary sanction provided the student or organization completes all meetings and conditions.


When an incident involving alcohol occurs that falls under the Good Samaritan Policy, the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Management Services will contact the students or the organization involved in the incident to arrange for a meeting with a representative from the Student Conduct Office and the Student Health Center . At the meeting, the Student Conduct representative and the Student Health representative will review the incident with the student or organization and determine an appropriate educational response. This may include the following:


  • Essay or research paper on assigned topic
  • Participation in an educational group or class
  • Program presentations
  • Mandated counseling session
  • Substance abuse education and/or evaluation


A student is not eligible for referral through the Good Samaritan policy if the incident involved a potential violation of the RIT policy concerning sexual misconduct or other crime of violence.


Students will have one opportunity to be referred through the RIT Good Samaritan Policy per the discretion of the Center for Student Conduct.


If a student or organization fails to complete the required outcomes of the meeting with Student Conduct and Student Health, the situation will be referred to the Student Conduct Process for Failure to Comply with an Institute official (RIT Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, Student Conduct Process, Section II, Section B, #7).

Approved April 16, 2008