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Arrow Event Registration Procedures

Event Registration is a process implemented to help students plan activities in a safe and organized way. The process helps students request services from RIT departments as well as educates students on how to program a successful event. Event Registration is located behind the information desk in the Student Alumni Union (SAU). Event Registration office hours are posted at the SAU Information Desk and the Center for Campus Life (room 2130, RITreat). Also appointments can be made by calling the Center for Campus Life at x5-7685. (Due to the need for signatures, the initial intake form must be done in person, and not via phone or e-mail).

A. The Event Registration Process should begin 3-5 weeks before hand.

For larger sized events (event with 200 or more people expected) or events open to the general public, the process should begin 5-8 weeks prior.

B. What needs to be registered:

Use the criteria below to determine if your event needs to be registered. You must register if:

  • Institute funds are used (including money earned from fundraising)
  • The services are required from RIT departments (i.e., Facility Management, Tech Crew, Public Safety) **
  • The consumption of alcohol is planned (permitted only in Ritz, SAU Cafeteria, and Fireside Lounge; licensed caterer required)* [See Rights and Responsibilities page 22.]
  • The event or party occurs outdoors (on campus grounds) **
  • An outside caterer is used **
  • The event is open to the entire RIT Community and/or the Public.
  • The event or party is publicized in a public manner on or off campus (i.e., advertised via posters, fliers, cards, banners, or Web site). Web site or radio ads must specify type of event.
  • The event is co-sponsored by an organization or a club recognized by RIT through Student Government or one of its major student organizations, or through an RIT department
  • The event involves a high-risk activity (i.e., rock climbing, use of hot tubs, velcro jumping, etc.) **

*registration must begin at least 20 working days before the event under these conditions
**registration must begin at least 12 working days before the event under these conditions

C. How to register an event

(Must be a club or organization recognized by RIT.) Contact the Reservations Office behind the SAU Info Desk or call, x5-6992 (v/TTY). Residence Hall room reservations must be made with area secretaries for each area. Reservations in other campus facilities may require additional contact with Institute departments/colleges.

1. To make your reservation, know the following Information:

  • Date, time and length of event (include set up and clean up time)
  • Type of event
    • Private- by invitation only
    • RIT Community- RIT ID is required.
    • College ID Required- Must be a College student with proper ID.
    • Public- This event is open to the public and is the only type of event that can be advertised off campus.
  • How many will attend
  • Alternate dates and locations, should your first choice not be available

2. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Date, time and length of event
  • Name of sponsoring organization
  • Your name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Organization advisor's name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Organization/department account number or other payment method
  • Theme/name of event
  • Admission charge-amount and whether the price is the same for all guests
  • Who will be invited (members? guests? students? public?)
  • Location of event and what activities will take place
  • Types of beverages to be served (alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic)
  • Types of food and cost, if any, to participants
  • Services you may need for your event Diagram of the area if event is outside or if several activities will be occurring inside

D. Select a Responsible Representative

(The officers of an organization or club will also be considered Responsible Representatives for the event.)

The Responsible Representative(s) must:

  • Sign the Responsible Representative Accountability Form during Event Registration intake interview
  • Monitor his/her e-mail and take the initiative to provide further information if requested
  • Respond to "all" people listed on the e-mail.
  • Be identifiable at the event; they will be the first to be approached if any questions or concerns arise.

E. After your initial visit to the Event Registration office...

...the remainder of the process occurs via e-mail. (This generally involves working out a variety of details regarding your event and addressing questions or concerns that may arise).

  • Respond to all addressees via e-mail to any correspondence related to your event (or to Event Registration at evrccl@rit.edu and the message will be forwarded to others)
  • Approval will be received from administrative offices helping with your event (i.e., Tech Crew, Catering, Facility Management)
  • Final conformation will be given by Event Registration.

Contact the Center for Campus Life (x5-7058v/tty) for information about Event Registration Training Sessions conducted throughout the year by the Center for Campus Life staff.