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Arrow Event Registration Process for Greek Circle Housing

A. Introduction

  1. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by students who are at least 21 years of age is permitted in the free standing Greek houses (located to the east of Riverknoll apartments) in the privacy of their own rooms and lounges, as well as at registered events.
  2. To register an event, you must go to the Event Registration Office located in the Student Alumni Union behind the Information Desk. Events must be registered as follows:
    1. Events without alcohol (e.g. Membership Recruitment) must be registered if attendance equals or exceeds 50 people, OR
    2. Any event with alcohol must be registered.

                       This includes any event when:

         c. The organization or its officers, plans an event or invites guests to

              the building.

         d.  The organization creates an environment that resembles an event.

  1. Events with alcohol are permitted in common or public areas within these buildings, pending approval from RIT, the national headquarters of each organization, and when the chapter is in compliance with their respective risk management policies.
  2. The number of people present at an event is limited to 100, including chapter resident members, as stated in the Guaranty Agreement, page 3.
  3. Events in free standing Greek Houses cannot disturb other Greek houses, the adjacent apartment community or local Rochester community.

B. Alcohol Guidelines for Approved Third Party Vendor and RIT Catering Events

  1. The guests at all events where alcohol is to be served must be invited by direct personal invitation only. General "come all" posters, flyers, or mass electronic invitations will not be permitted for events.

    All events with alcohol must be served by an approved third party vendor/caterer or RIT Food Service.

    All events with alcohol must also adhere to the chapter's national office risk management policies and all RIT policies (see the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook). Bulk containers of beer (kegs or beer balls) are prohibited except when provided by an approved third party vendor or RIT Food Service.
  2. Serving of alcohol will conclude no later than 1:30 a.m. Social events will conclude and guests will have exited by 1:45 a.m.
  3. Events with alcohol are limited to Friday and Saturday evenings only. A chapter may not register more than 2 social events with alcohol per quarter. No more than one social event with alcohol may occur on any given weekend evening in the Greek free standing housing area.
  4. A chapter may request consideration to hold a special event. A special event is an activity that RIT deems as traditional, annual or unusual social activities. These include, parents weekend, alumni weekends, annual events or holiday events or any event which is held outside of the main physical structure. Special Events must be registered at least two weeks in advance in the Event Registration Office.
  5. For registered events, Public Safety will be assigned to the event. Law enforcement, Public Safety officers and other RIT officials have the right to terminate events and take appropriate actions if they determine Institute policy and/or local, state, or federal laws are being violated at any gathering on the RIT campus, in RIT operated facilities, or at campus-sponsored functions.
  6. Chapters will develop a standard floor plan for the event in conjunction with Public Safety, Apartment Housing, Food Service and Campus Life. The floor plan will outline entrances, exits, serving areas, placement of monitors and any other information deemed appropriate.
  7. In conjunction with National Risk Management policies, all social events with alcohol must have a theme.
  8. Food and alternative beverages must be provided at each event. Food choices must comply with the food regulations required by New York State Law for the serving of alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages must be in ample supply, no less than 3 cases per 50 people.
  9. Students must use a state driver's license or state-issued photo ID for proof of age.
  10. Chapters must provide monitors. Monitors oversee the invitation lists and work with Public Safety and the caterer to provide a safe environment. One monitor is required for every 20 persons attending an event. Monitors must refrain from consuming alcohol and remain substance free prior to and during the event.

C. Use of Approved Third Party Vendors and RIT Food Service: Guidelines

  1. When an approved third party vendor or RIT Food Service is hired, they will be responsible for identification of age, use of wristbands, and any other strategies used in accordance with their business practices.
  2. Alcohol that is served by an approved third party vendor or RIT Food Service must hire bartenders who are not affiliated with the host fraternity/sorority.
  3. Approved third party vendors must meet RIT's insurance specifications and provide RIT with evidence of insurance. RIT must be named as an additional insured. Events where alcohol is served or sold by a third party vendor or Food Service must be registered 20 business days prior to the event in order to coordinate the procedure for securing authorization from the State Liquor Board to serve/sell alcohol.
  4. Approved third party vendors must review and approve the standard floor plan prior to the registration process.




  RIT Ambulance: 475-3333 (Voice)

  Public Safety: 475-3333 (Voice) or 475-6654 (TTY)

  Lifeline: 275-5151 (Voice); 275-2700 (TTY)


IMPACT-RIT's Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Program


      IMPACT provides informative programs to students on various issues relating to alcohol and drugs. These issues are approached in a non-punitive, non-judgmental manner, offering students the opportunity to get the facts, then make their own choices.

      Programs on a wide variety of alcohol and drug-related topics are available for residence halls, apartments and Greek/Specialty houses. Its numerous programs are catered to each group's individual needs and interests.

      Accurate, factual written material is provided free of charge, covering many alcohol and drug issues including:

driving while intoxicated (DWI), adult children of alcohol­ics (ACOA's), signs of abuse, characteristics of specific drugs and alcohol, long and short term effects of chemical usage, etc.

      Alcohol and drug abuse consultations and referrals are confidential and free of charge. If you are concerned that you or a friend may be using drugs or alcohol to excess, contact IMPACT for a confidential consultation meeting and information on various treatment, counseling and support group options.

      IMPACT is interested in assisting with event co-sponsorship. If an organization is considering planning an event related to alcohol or drug education, contact IMPACT for support.

     The Mobile Information Center is regularly trans­ported to various locations on campus, including the Student Alumni Union and individual colleges to distribute informational material and to answer questions.

      A mini-course is offered for students experiencing difficulties with alcohol and/or other chemicals. This non-credit course is offered regularly throughout the academic year, and presents educational material on many facets of alcohol and drug use and abuse.

      IMPACT is located in the Student Health Center. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. They may be reached at 475-7081 . Evening programming is available. Mail may be addressed to Student Health Center or call 475-2255 and leave a message.


SAISD - Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf


  SAISD provides the following alcohol and other drug information and referral services to the NTID faculty, staff and student populations on the RIT campus and to the Rochester deaf community at large:

  •    Intervention sessions with individuals and families
  •    Group counseling sessions
  •    Individual alcohol and other drugs screen­ing sessions
  •    Distribution of pamphlets and other informa­tion related to alcohol and other

   drugs at formal events or after telephone or written requests

  •    Formal coursework at NTID or in the Rochester community
  •    Alcohol and other drug informational presentations at NTID or in the Rochester


  •    Cross-disability professional training sessions
  •    Cross-disability professional consultation sessions


      SAISD is located in the August Center, Room 2914. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evening programming is available upon request. Phone 475-4978 voice and TTY.

Additional Counseling, Assistance and Awareness Programs


RIT Counseling Center

Confidential individual group counseling is available for students. August Center, 475-2661 (Voice/TTY).

Student Health Center

Offers general medical diagnosis and treatment, personal health counseling and health awareness and educational programs. August Center at 475-2255 (Voice/TTY).

PEERS (Peers Educating and Enriching RIT Stu­dents) at 475-7464 (V/TTY)


Center for Religious Life


     Members of the Religious Life staff are available to provide personal counseling, support and programming regarding the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the individual, family and campus community. Interfaith Center at 475-2135 (Voice/TTY).


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence


      For referral to locally available community services call 423-9490.


Approved May 5, 1993