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Arrow Student Organization Recognition Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to provide recognition guidelines for those organizations sponsored and operated by students at RIT.

I. Definition of Recognition

Recognition is an official status given to various student groups who wish to function at RIT. It grants certain privileges and responsibilities to these organizations. These privileges are granted with the assumption that the organization acts within and complements the Institute’s educational mission as listed in the RIT Education and Access goals.

The President of RIT, as the chief administrative officer on the campus, or his/her designee may grant or withdraw recognition from any campus organization (see section V. B. 2).

Recognition requires that each group must agree to carry on their activities in a manner that complies with RIT’s Student Rights and Responsibilities and Institute’s regulations and does not violate federal, state, or local laws. Official Recognition can be refused or revoked at any time if the group:

  • contradicts the objectives and mission of SG and/or RIT, or the spirit of these Guidelines;
  • engages in activities that interfere with normal activities of the Institute or the rights of others within the Institute;
  • engages in activities that present danger to property, personnel and/or functions of the Institute;
  • refuses to comply with federal or state laws, or Institute rules and regulations.

II. Privileges Associated with Recognition

Recognition includes but is not limited to the following privileges:

  1. Use of the RIT name as part of its organizational name
  2. Affiliation with RIT programs and activities,
  3. Requesting of Institutional funds and opening of an Institute financial account.
  4. Use of Institute space, equipment, services and other resources as deemed appropriate.
  5. Access to administrative services as provided by Student Government (see section V. G below)
  6. Listing in Institute publications
  7. Access to leadership training materials and resources
  8. Sponsorship/promotion of activities on campus
  9. Distribution of literature, flyers or organizational print materials on campus
  10. Eligibility for campus awards or honors
  11. Sponsorship of campus fundraisers in accord with Institute guidelines

III. Limits of Recognition

Recognition of a student organization by RIT does not:

  1. Allow the organization to act as an agent of RIT;
  2. Authorize the organization to enter into contracts or otherwise act on behalf of RIT;
  3. Authorize the organization to use:
    1. The Institute’s name for any commercial purpose or in any way, written or spoken, which may reflect adversely upon the Institute
    2. The Institute’s logo or any copyrighted symbol of RIT. (Such uses of the name or symbols owned by the Institute are allowed only when authorized by the Center for Campus Life or its designee.)
  4. Imply RIT sponsorship of, control over, or responsibility for the activities of the organization

IV. Categories of Recognition

Below are the predominant types of organizations recognized on the RIT campus. Recognition decisions are delegated by the President to the following people, departments or organizations:

  1. Major Student Organizations – recommended by the RIT Student Government to the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee
  2. Student Government Clubs – recommended by the RIT Student Government to the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee
  3. Student Government Club Sports – recommended by the RIT Student Government to the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee
  4. Fraternities and Sororities – recognized by the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee and the RIT Greek Council through a separate recognition procedure
  5. Honor Societies –recognized by Student Affairs or Academic Deans as appropriate to their Colleges
  6. Media Groups – recognized by the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee
  7. Academic Department Organizations/Councils – recognized by the Dean
  8. Special Interest Houses – recognized by the Department of Residence Life

V. Funding

Recognized Student organizations are eligible to receive funds collected from the Student Activities Fees. The Student Activities Fees are overseen by the Vice President for Student Affairs and distributed under the directions of the Director of the Center for Campus Life. Major Student Organizations are allocated base budgets which remain relatively fixed from year to year and are reviewed by the Student Government Finance Committee. Clubs recognized by Student Government are eligible to submit requests for base budgets which may change annually and must be justified. They are also eligible for financial grants which are allocated by the Student Government Finance Committee. All other groups, including Fraternities and Sororities are eligible for co-sponsorship grants which are overseen by the Student Government Finance Committee. Grants are allocated for special, one-time events, programs or activities which promote the organization’s goals.

Organizations are not eligible to request funding for activities and programs which:

  1. Actively campaign for legislative changes or initiatives external to RIT
  2. Promote involuntary membership or proselytizing of and ideology, value or doctrine
  3. Solicit donations or support for agencies or individuals not affiliated with RIT

VI. Student Government Club Guidelines

Student groups promoting and practicing academic, recreational, political, cultural, and/or religious endeavors shall normally receive the recognition of SG providing they meet or exceed the minimum requirements governing Recognition found within these guidelines.

A. Criteria For Student Government Club Recognition

Student Government requires that all groups applying for SG Club Recognition must meet the following criteria prior to receiving the Official Recognition of SG and/or other benefits thereof.

  1. SG Recognition may be granted to student sponsored organizations pursuing activities that will contribute significantly to the intellectual and social development of the student body, serve the education and access goals of the Institute, encourage student participation and leadership and enhance the general campus environment.
  2. The following groups are not considered to be eligible for SG Club Recognition:
    1. Unions (bargaining units)
    2. Greek letter social organizations or any organization with selective membership
    3. College/Departmental student councils or advisory groups
  3. SG will only grant recognition to one group for any given interest. Proposed groups sharing similar interests and constitutional goals with a recognized group will be encouraged to cooperate with the recognized group to promote their common interests.
  4. Students wishing to organize club sports groups are subject to these guidelines in addition to those procedures as specified in the Club Sports Guidelines.
B. SG Club Recognition Procedures

SG reserves the right to delegate recognition review to the Club Review Board (CRB). The CRB will be comprised of student members from recognized organizations and advised by the Coordinator for Club Administration. In the CRB’s absence, decisions will be made by a representative appointed from SG, under the advisement of the Coordinator for Club Administration. All recognition decisions made by the Club Review Board shall be forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs for approval. The President of RIT reserves the right to review all applications for recognition and make the final decision.

  1. Pre-Recognition Status
    Student groups who do not have the minimum of 10 members, club officers or advisor may apply for pre-recognition status. Groups who have been previously denied recognition are not eligible to apply for Pre-Recognition status within one calendar year. pre-recognized groups are entitled to limited benefits for 3 months from the application date to enhance recruitment efforts.
  2. Recognition Status
    Student groups must complete the Application for SG recognition. The application will include the club advisor’s name, officer names, membership list, outline of tentative events and promotional paragraph. Applications will be reviewed by the Club Review Board and recommendations to grant Recognition will be based on the criteria outlined in section V. a.
  3. Constitution Review
    Recognized groups must submit a completed Constitution and By-laws which incorporate the recognition criteria and is consistent with the purpose outlined in their application for SG Recognition. They must be submitted within 3 months of submitting application for recognition; funding will not be granted to any group until their Constitution and By Laws have been approved by the Club Review Board.
  4. Recognition Renewal
    Once SG Recognition has been attained, it will be renewed annually during the Spring Quarter of each academic year. If a group fails to submit an application for renewal of recognition by May 1, their Recognition and subsequent benefits will be suspended. Recognition Renewal must take place prior to budget review and allocation. Changes in leadership should be shared with the Coordinator for Club Administration whenever they occur.

C. Membership

  1. For the purpose of these Guidelines: the term STUDENT is defined as all students attending RIT who have paid their Student Activities fees for the current quarter. RIT students who have successfully appealed their Student Activities fees must be considered ineligible student. RIT faculty, staff and alumni will be considered NON-STUDENTS. RIT Alumni may not hold officer positions or maintain voting privileges within an organization. Alumni members may participate in club events, however access to RIT services through club events may be limited.
  2. Membership in recognized organizations, including classes of membership, may not be restricted on the basis of race, religion, political beliefs, gender, age, ability, or sexual orientation. Membership must be accessible to all students with a sincere interest in the group.
  3. All groups must maintain an active membership of at least ten (10) RIT students.
  4. Active membership as defined above includes the following privileges and responsibilities: holding office, voting, authorizing and requesting funds, eligibility for awards, ability to represent the organization.
  5. SG reserves the right to request the current membership list of any recognized group. This list must include all members’ names. Membership lists will be held in confidence except for election purposes, official Student Government or Campus Life business and Institute requests. No information, in whole or part, will be released to any party external to RIT without the express written permission of the student group involved. SG maintains the right to publish the group’s contact information and promotional paragraph as recorded in the group’s application for Recognition.

D. Officers

  1. All club officers must be RIT students in good academic standing (with both RIT and his/her academic department) and may not currently be on a conduct sanction of disciplinary probation or higher and who has paid Student Activities Fees for the current quarter. The Center for Campus Life will have access to student judicial records in the Office of Student Conduct and Mediation Services for verification.
  2. RIT Alumni may not hold officer positions or maintain voting privileges within the organizations. Alumni members may participate in club events; however access to RIT services through club events may be limited.
E. Advisors
  1. Each group is required to maintain an advisor who is a full-time faculty or staff member of RIT. The advisor will be responsible for attending meetings, signing Student Government financial request forms and providing general assistance to the group as outlined in the Advisor’s Manual.

F. Responsibilities of SG Recognized Groups:

  1. General Club Meetings:
    All Recognized clubs are required to attend monthly General Club Meetings unless previously excused. Notification of absences should be made to the Coordinator of Club Administration at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting. Club Presidents should attend or appoint a representative from the club to attend. These meetings provide an opportunity for important training and information sharing. The consequences of missing meetings are:
    • Missing one meeting, a warning is issued.
    • After missing two meetings all privileges (including budget access) will be suspended pending review by the Club Review Board or Coordinator for Club Administration
  2. Quarterly Reports
    Groups must submit a quarterly report form updating Student Government and Club Administration on their organization’s events, activities and accomplishments of the previous quarter. The quarterly report should also address any changes in membership or leadership as well as any activities and goals for the quarter to come. Groups who complete all Quarterly Reports are eligible for awards.
  3. Group Meetings
    Groups must meet a minimum of six (6) times per year to be considered active and eligible for recognition. One (1) of the six meetings must be an “open house” meeting on the RIT Campus that is open and accessible to all students. The time, date, and campus location of this meeting must be posted in visible and appropriate locations. Groups are encouraged, but not required, to also use campus media to advertise meetings. Notification of the group meeting should be sent to the Coordinator for Club Administration 2 weeks prior to the meeting date.
  4. Renewal
    SG Recognized clubs are required to renew their Recognition annually during the Spring Quarter of each year (see section B.4.).

G. Benefits of SG Club Recognition

Groups recognized by Student Government are eligible to access the following services through the Student Government office, contingent upon availability and Institute policies:

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Organizational Consultation/Leadership Development
  3. Van Reservation
  4. Student Government Grant information
  5. Copying Account
  6. Phone call Relay/Messaging
  7. Staplers, hole punchers, calendars, paper cutter/scissors
  8. Long Distance Calling Account
  9. Mail/Courier reception
  10. Computers, Typewriters
  11. Copying Account
  12. Fundraising information
  13. Vax/Grace Accounts

SG Recognized groups are also eligible to reserve meeting space in the Student Alumni Union free of charge and to request access to academic meeting and classroom space when available.