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Arrow RIT Sexual misconduct Policy

Sexual misconduct is not only a violation of RIT policies, it is a crime. Any sexual misconduct should be reported immediately to Public Safety. Immediately after an misconduct, the victim should seek support from others and be careful not to bathe or clean up the area or otherwise disturb or destroy evidence. There are several sources of support and counseling available at RIT and in the Greater Rochester area. Specific information about Sexual Misconduct Counseling follows. RIT officials will help arrange support and counseling services for anyone who requests them and will help the victim of a sexual misconduct notify law enforcement authorities if that is desired.

Changes in academic, work and living situations will be arranged following a possible sexual misconduct if reasonable alternatives exist. Students or employees who are accused of sexual misconduct and deemed to present a danger to the Institute community or to the complainant may be suspended until such time as a determination on the allegation is made. The sanctions or penalties which RIT might impose for sexual misconduct depend on the nature and the circumstances of the offense and may range from reprimand to dismissal from the Institute.

Services Available

Counselors provide assistance to members of the RIT community who are victims of sexual misconduct (rape, attempted rape and sexual abuse). Contact the RIT Counseling Center or Public Safety after hours to speak with a counselor.

Sexual misconduct or misconduct cases where the accused is a student will be handled through the RIT Student Conduct Process. Cases where the accused is faculty or staff will be handled according to the RIT Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment. Questions concerning sexual misconduct cases can be directed to:

RIT Title IX


RIT Counseling Center
475-2261 (V)
475-6897 (TTY)

RIT Public Safety
475-2853 (V) or 475-6654 (TTY)

RIT Center for Women and Gender/CARES Program
475-7464 (V/TTY)

RIT Center for Student Conduct
475-5662 (V/TTY)

RIT Human Resources
475-2424 (V/TTY)

RIT Advocacy Program
475-7668 (V/TTY)

The CARES Program

The CARES Program (Campus Advocacy, Response, and Support) is a comprehensive program for victims of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, providing 24-hour support and advocacy.

Services offered include: support and advocacy for victims/survivors; coordination of victims' services; full information about legal and campus processes, health care options, and support services; advocacy to insure accessibility and cultural appropriateness of all services, and referral to other on- and off-campus services and resources.

For more information about the CARES Program, contact the RIT Center for Women and Gender at 475-7464 (v/tty), Campus Center Room 1760, ritwom@rit.edu.