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Arrow Taxi Reimbursement Indemnity Plan (TRIP)


 In collaboration with Student Health and Student Financial Services, the Taxi Indemnity Plan (TRIP) is offered to facilitate non-emergency transportation for RIT students to or from Rochester-based hospitals or other Rochester community-based health care services. This service may also be used by students who need transportation to and from the train station, bus depot and airport.


This is not a free service, by acceptance of this service; the student user agrees to be responsible for all charges either by paying the taxi vendor directly or by charging the fee to their student financial services account for the full amount of the trip.



  1. Contact Public Safety Office at 475-2853 at least 30 minutes ahead of time to request taxi service.
  2. Public Safety Dispatch will obtain contact information, location and coordinate with Checker Cab. Neither Parking & Transportation nor Public Safety can be held responsible for the response time of Checker Cab.
  3. The cab driver will ask the student for identification in the form of RIT student ID, UID number and destination.
  4. Cab company will bill RIT with the names of students transported (with ID numbers) date, and time.
  5. The information will be verified using the (SIS) system and the student's account will be billed.